kerrang representation analysis

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Kerrang Representation Analysis

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Kerrang Representation Analysis

Kerrang Representation Analysis

Double Page Spread Analysis.

Seriousness is represented by the artists straight, expressionless face but rebellion is also connoted through the artists stance, hairstyle and tattoos as they are all usually linked with rebellion or rock genre. The artist in the photo is also seen to be very youthful, this connotes immaturity. Reasonably negative attitude connoted by the page due to its dark colours. The artists stance connotes a lack of seriousness due to him looking very slouched and casual. The artist is represented as very youthful and successful because of his clothing which is of a light colour with a light illustration inside a black box which adds a lot of white / bright to the page. Success is connoted by the artists posture and facial expression.

Cover Page Analysis

The cover page photograph gives of a very belligerent vibe as the band have very serious facial expressions and are all looking straight at the camera, this connotes anger and aggression. This links to the generalization of rock genre fans as they are often seen as angry and serious, this is portrayed through the use of the bands clothing and facial expression. The rock genre is also connoted through the bands dress style as they are wearing shirts which are generally linked with smartness but they also have somewhat ungroomed beards and long hair.

Contents Page Analysis

The contents page uses a 50/50 split of a feature of the main article and the actual contents of the magazine, this makes the image of the artist smaller, giving it a more subtle look which changes the way the artist is perceived by the reader.The top photograph of the artist is very dark and could be seen as somewhat disturbing as the artist in the photograph is giving a very blank facial expression and this tied with their eyes, gives off a very demonic or satanic vibe. This is also connoted by the fact that the artist is holding a pack of cards which are not regular playing cards but have strange almost ritual like symbols on them. The background also adds to how the artist and genre are represented as it is has a dark, grungy background with a luxurious red velvet sofa which contrasts well and also represents the rock genre as it connotes the urban, dark grungy feel along with the exotic side too, this is also connoted by the artists dress style as he is wearing a black suit, the colour portrays the darkness but suits are often linked with sophistication and style.