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Project of Management

Group Members

Shazia KanwalSumman NiazHannan SohrabSultan Mehmood

Introduction of PepsiBrand of Pepsico.No.1 soft drink in PakistanIntroduced by Caleb Bradham in 1893Operates in more than 156 countries of the worldHead quarter is in New York

Pepsi PakistanFounded by Nawab Siddique Hussain QureshiIn 1971, first plant was established in MultanFaced severe competition from 7up which was established in 1968Introduced Teem to compete with 7up7up was acquired by Pepsi, laterHead office is in Lahore

Contd Pepsi Pakistan

Distribution Centers are in:KarachiLahoreMultanGujranwalaFaisalabadIslamabad

Ingredients of PepsiCarbonated WaterHigh fructose corn syrupCaramel colorSugarPhosphoric acidCaffeineCitric acidNatural Flavors

Introduction of Coca ColaBrand of Coca Cola Co.Introduced by John Pemberton in 1886Operates in more than 200 countries of worldHead quarter is in Georgia

Coca Cola PakistanStarted in Pakistan in 1953Head office is in KarachiDistribution centers are in:KarachiSialkotHyderabadFaisalabadGujranwala Multan LahoreRahim Yar Khan

Ingredients of Coca ColaCaffeineCocaineCarbonated waterSugarPhosphoric acidNatural flavors

Vision, mission and values

Vision Statement of Pepsi

"To be the world's best beverage company.

Mission statement of pepsi

"To be the world's premier consumer ProductsCompany focused on convenient foods andbeverages.

Core values of Pepsi

Vision statement of Coca Cola

Be a highly effective and fast-movingorganization.

Mission statement of coca cola

To refresh the world...To inspire moments of optimism and happiness...To create value and make a difference.

Core values of Coca Cola

Board of directors of pepsi

Board of directors of coca cola

Products of pepsico.

Products of Coca cola co.

Management functions


Planning involvesDefining goalsEstablishing strategies Developing plans to coordinate activities

Management Functions of PepsiPlanningGOAL: to beat competitors and to improve qualityCentralized decisionsTraditional goal setting techniqueFormal PlanningHandle unusual situations by conducting special meetings with employees


Organizing is defined as:Determining what needs to be doneHow it will be doneWho is to do it

OrganizingWork specializationTeam workLow managerial levelsTraining of employees

DepartmentsHRM DepartmentPlanning analysis DepartmentMRD DepartmentAudit DepartmentProduction DepatmentQuality Control DepartmentInventory DepartmentEmpty stock DepartmentSales DepartmentPost mix Department


Leading involves:MotivatingWorking with and through other people to accomplish organizational goals

LeadingHigh level of motivation Bonus and salary packages5Kg sugar on EidainProfit AllowanceTravelling allowance and daily allowance

controllingControlling is defined as:Monitoring ComparingCorrecting work performance

ControllingAudit of accountsTop level management has proper check and balance on lower level managementEach manager has one assistant manager to check the performance of staff employeesHow to solve conflicts between employees?

Management functions of Coca ColaPlanningGOAL: To ensure proper delivery of products to customersRational decisionsCentralized decisionsTraditional goal setting techniqueFormal Planning


High formalizationTeam workTraining of employees

DeparTmentsHRM DepartmentAccount DepartmentMarketing DepartmentR&D DepartmentSales DepartmentIT Department

LeadingDiscuss with employees various problems faced by them Bonus and salary packagesIncentives like TA, DASocial with employees

ControllingCheck and balance on employeesTake action against problem creatorsControl proper distribution of productsCompare stated and real goalsManager in every field to control activities in that department

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of PepsiSTRENGTHSMore brands than its competitors like Coca Cola, Amrat ColaMost preferred soft drink in PakistanLow employee turnover rateDiscount schemes for customers from time to timeMore brand loyal customersSponsors sports, musical concerts, walks


Low foreign investmentNo discount or incentives for retailersNot considering important outlets like hotels, canteens, colleges

OpportunitiesLaunch products in areas where Coca Cola has not made supplyProvide refrigerators where Coca Cola has not providedIncrease the sales through increase in investment in musical concerts and cultural shows

ThreatsPEPSI stands for Pay Each Penny to Save IsraelIncreased taxesCoca Cola is a strong competitor of PepsiLocal brandsOther drinks like juices

Swot analysis of coca colaSTRENGTHSBrand NameMost preferred drink in international marketCaptures all the outlets of Railway stationsForeign investment

weaknessesNo discount schemes for customers and distributorsHigh employee turnover rateLess carbonated as compared to PepsiLess brands than Pepsi Pepsi captures the outlets of airportLack of popularity of many Coca Cola brands

opportunitiesAdvertise less popular brandsPurchase rising brandsIncrease number of distribution centersOffer scholarships for studentsSponsor Pakistan Hockey Team

threatsTough competitors like PepsiGovt. policiesThreat of Health MinisterPublic Pressure GroupsOther drinks like juices

Analysis of financial statementsCompany NameTotal RevenueGross ProfitNet Profit(Amount in Billions)(Amount in Billions) (Amount in Billions)Pepsi55,13741,39515,642Coca Cola40,99029,9028,824

Financial Statement analysis

Balance Sheet AnalysisCompany NameCurrent AssetsFixed AssetsTotal Liabilities(Amount In billions)(Amount in Billions)(Amount in Billions)Pepsi23,13536,83659,971Coca Cola14,20534,12048,325

Analysis of Balance Sheet

Consumer Analysis of Pepsi and Coca Cola


According to the research and survey conducted by us, management of both cmnies are performing good. But Pepsi is most preferred soft drink in Pakistan as compared to Coca Cola due to different offers due to taste.