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Slide 2 Promotion Advertising Media Visual Merchandising Written Advertising Publicity and Public Relations Oakcrest Floral Design 2000 Slide 3 Promotion Promotion is any form of communication a business or organization uses to inform, pursuade or remind people about its products and improve its public image Slide 4 Types of Promotion Advertising Publicity Sale Promotion Personal Selling Slide 5 Advertising the nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor. Advantages large numbers see the message cost per customer is usually low appropriate media can be easily chosen to reach target market control of content and easily adapted to market integrated to media possible: TV, radio, print- a fixed message presell products can influence people to make up their mind before they shop Slide 6 Advertising the nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor. Disadvantages can not focus on individual needs (message the same for all) can be too costly can be wasteful and inefficient must be brief, often cannot achieve required depth Slide 7 Publicity involves creating a demand for a business or product by placing news about it in publications or on radio and or TV Image the way a business or organization is defined in the public eye Huge audience for news Often free Has the potential for negative image Slide 8 Sales Promotion is the use of marketing devices such as displays, premiums and contest to stimulate purchases Displays windows floor counter visual forms of merchandising Slide 9 Sales Promotion Premiums-prizes, reward as an added inducement to make a purchase trading stamps coupons factory packs contest, sweepstakes, rebates; games and discounts offered by manufacturers product samples Slide 10 Personal Selling personal contact with the buyer in an oral fashion: Order taker Order getting Most flexible and individualized promotion device Slide 11 Promotional Mix a combination of different types of promotion a business uses to get customers to buy its products More than one type of media Must complement each other Stimulate interest in varied forms Must be coordinated : local vs. national or both Insure smooth transitions between areas Slide 12 Advertisement Development Advertising agencies Client services: forecast market needs, prepares marketing plans Creative services: creates the advertisement and produces the ads Research services: studies targeted populations and their buying behaviors Media services: makes decisions on how advertising budgets will be spent on mediums Slide 13 Advertising Media Promotional helps business by: creating an interest in products introducing new products presenting product information supporting personal selling efforts creating new markets Limits: bad products unlikely to change the a customer whos mind is already made up Slide 14 Media Types Print Media Newspapers Magazines Direct Mail Billboards Directory Advertising Transit Advertising Slide 15 Broadcast Advertising Radio + reaches 96% of all population over age 12 + 15, 30 and 60 second segments + selective audience + flexible and mobile short life span competitive lack of visuals Slide 16 Broadcast Advertising Television + Pulls together all medium + population inclined to believe what they see + personal and mass audience + flexible short life span cost prohibitive audience size not assured commercials considered a nuisance Slide 17 Specialty Advertising Relatively inexpensive novelty items with an advertisers name printed on them hats pens calendars memo pads give away items Slide 18 Brands A name, design, or symbol that identifies the products of a company or group of companies Brand Name- Kleenex, Pepsi, Arbys Miracle Whip Brand Mark- Fords Blue Oval, US postal service Eagle Trade character- human form: Pillsbury Doughboy Slogans are often used: Have a Coke and a smile Dodge -Ram Tough Slide 19 Selection of Media Does the medium reach the greatest number of customers at the lowest cost? Does the medium provide opportunity to illustrate the product? Does the medium provide an opportunity to present an adequate selling message? Slide 20 Selection of Media Does the medium present special problems? Is the medium flexible in terms of promotion? Does the medium meet the targeted geographical area? Does the medium fit the image of the business and offer enough prestige and distinction? Slide 21 Parts of a Print Ad Headline- lettering slogan or saying that gets the readers attention, arouses interest and leads them to read an ad With Prices Like These, Who Needs a Headline? After a day of Downhill Skiing, Getting a Fine Meal Shouldnt be an Uphill Battle. Slide 22 Parts of a Print Ad Copy- the selling message Conversational Appealing Dramatic Humorous Informative Slide 23 Parts of a Print Ad Illustration- the photograph or drawing of the product Attract attention Create Interest Arouse Desire Slide 24 Parts of a Print Ad Signature- logotype, business id, trademark, phone number, etc... Slide 25 Visual Merchandising The coordination of all physical elements in a place of business so that it projects the right image to its customers. Display- the visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product to a targeted group of customers Slide 26 Elements of Visual Merchandising Storefront Marquee store sign or name Entrance varies with store design and placement Window Display promotional institutional public service Slide 27 Elements of Visual Merchandising Store layout - the way floor space is allocated. selling space merchandise space customer space store interior Interior displays closed open point of purchase architectural Slide 28 Elements of Visual Merchandising Interior displays one time item - single item display line-of-goods - product line related merchandise - items that can be used together variety display - unrelated items Setting type realistic - depicts a room or area common to a house semi-realistic - suggests a setting abstract - gaining in popularity Slide 29 Artistic Elements Line- most people read displays right to left Color- can make or break a display Shape- physical appearance of materials Direction- guides a viewers eye over the materials Texture- surface quality Slide 30 Artistic Elements Proportion- relationship between elements Balance- placement size elements Motion- attracts attention Lighting- attracts and highlights items for display Slide 31 Public Relations Public relations refers to any activity designed to create goodwill towards a business Employee relations job training newsletter open communication between management and employees promotion from within Slide 32 Public Relations Customer relations courtesy helpfulness customer advisory board consumer affairs specialist Community relations- activities that gain the respect of the community members foster good relations civil and social activities Rotary Club, Junior Achievement Slide 33 Marketing is Promotion Promotion: any form of communication used to inform, persuade, or remind people about a businesss products and improve its public image. This includes advertising, publicity, sales promotion and personal selling.

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