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2. Blue was born a deaf and mute. 3. Self-Concept However, Blue has a positive self concept. Despite of his disability, Blue view himself as handicapped but not crippled. He believes that he could take control of his lives. 4. One day, Blue was assigned a project with his classmate, Red, by their lecturer. 5. Stereotype Red looks down on people with disability because they are often unable to work. He stereotype that all the disabled cannot perform work as well. 6. So, Red looked down on Blue who is also a disabled too. He refused to perform his assigned duties with Blue. 7. Discrimination Red started to discriminate negative behaviors to Blue. 8. One day, Red was doing his business in the toilet. 9. To his surprise, the toilet paper was used up. 10. While he was panicking, somebody came and lent him a hand. 11. Altruistic Model It turns out that Blue is the one who helped Red in the situation. Blue is an altruistic model who still willing to help Red despite of all the harsh treatment that was did by him before. The behavior of Blue is done for selfless reason. 12. Red has eventually removed his stereotypical behavior towards Blue. 13. Red begins working his assigned duty with Blue. Both of them became better liked with repeated exposure. They become good friends in the end. The mere exposure effect 14. Moral Values We shouldnt judge people through the prism of our own stereotypes. Instead of stereotyping somebody, one might gather more information on the certain individual first, before drawing to conclusions. Believe in Yourself Despite of the shortcoming you have, believe in what you have right now. Helping others No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank In helping others, we can often get a better view of what we're capable of. It will also help you feel better about yourself. 15. THANKYOU