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WORLD OF STORIES : once upon a time… RAJA NANAS Slides by Sir M Fikhri M

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WORLD OF STORIES : once upon a time RAJA NANASSlides by Sir M Fikhri M

Introduction : Vocabulary*strange *Your Highness *golden *crown *famous *plant *rich *explain *throne *whiskers *country *dream




Correct the storyNarrator: Once upon a time in Indrapura, therelived a King. Her name was Raja Nanas.Oneday, he had a strange dream. Raja Nanas: Call on the wisest man of this land! Iwanted him to explain my dream. Bujang : (enters the palace) Your Highness, please told me aboutyour dream.

Who had strange dream? Where did Raja Nanas live? Who explained the Rajas dream? Who is Raja Nanas daughter? Who named the fruit nanas?

Scene 2Raja Nanas : Every night, I dream that I amsitting on a silver throne. I feel a crown growing on the top of my headthen, my face has whiskers all over. Narrator : two weeks later, the raja and hisdaughter, puteriNuri, found strange plant in the garden. Raja Nanas : this looks like the plant in mydream. What shall I call it? Bujang : Most honourable raja, your dreammeans that youR country will be famous Raja Nanas : What do you mean? Bujang: You will find a bad plant. Everyone will hate the fruit. PuteriNuri: lets call it nanas. Narrator: The nanas or pineapple plant grew in the gardens all over the land.Everyone loved the fruits.Inderaputrabecame rich and famous.