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  • TM for iGIP Teaching and Marketing toolkit
  • I know what youre thinking!
  • What is this about? Pick focus LCs for iGIP growth in your entity Building Capacity for iGIP fruit peak Learning and Development for the fruit peak Team Minimums Using HR Intelligence to grow
  • How can you take advantage of it? Lets GO!
  • 1.Pick focus LCs for iGIP growth
  • Tier 3 entities (0-30 oGIP) Less than 10 LCs ! ! Ensure most LCs have iGIP as the focus! Each LC should only have one of the two GIP programmes as focus! LC Planning support specically for TM, Marketing and iGIP! Dene how much each LC will jump ! No need to cluster LCs into a cluster by volume as they are all in one cluster of 0-10 Re! More than 10 LCs Pick the LCs that will grow in iGIP! Create a cluster for iGIP Focus LCs! Other LCs can focus on iGIP or one of the GCDP Programmes! !
  • Tier 2 and Tier 1 Which LCs are making the jump in what programmes and HOW? Diversity
  • Tier 2(30-250 Re) and Tier 1 (250+) ! LCs in iGIP! 0-10 Re! 10-40 Re! 40-70 Re! 70-100Re! ! ! Pick exactly which LCs in each LC Cluster is your focus & what is their Goal These LCs have balanced growth in GCDP and plan completely based on iGIP
  • 2. Planning and Building CAPACITY for the FRUIT PEAK in iGIP
  • Use TM Planning Tool to Plan for iGIP 1. Number of Members in iGIP and support functions 2. Number of TMP and TLP Experiences in oGIP and support functions
  • After planning for capacity you can have any one of these 3 outcomes 1. I do not have enough Members in any programme/ function 2. We have enough members in iGIP and support areas 3. We have the right number of members in the LC/MC but not allocated in the right proportion across programmes/ functions
  • Run an OPTIMIZED recruitment for the fruit peak 2 weeks!! 1. I do not have enough Members in any programme/ function
  • Tips to run an optimized recruitment 1. Clear and focused Promotion of Job description Example: Selling the global internship programme to language institutes ! ! 2. Specific people responsible for the recruitment 3. Online promotion and Offline promotion ONLY in specific universities 4. Selection based on Interests and Values (striving for excellence, pro active learner etc.) over only skills for the role 5. When Promotion is on-going through the year, an optimized recruitment becomes simpler since LC/MC already has a pool of applicants
  • Determine who is the right member Skill AttitudeBackground Interest Time
  • Timeline Approach existing sign ups for TXP and GCDP Rejected applicants from last recruitment Optimized Selection 1 week 5 days
  • Optimized Selection Value based recruitment q Commi'ed and mo*vated members ( GIP needs commitment and persistence) q Building
  • 2. We have enough members in iGIP and support areas Focus on increasing productivity through L&D and team minimums
  • 3. We have the right number of members in the LC/MC but not allocated in the right proportion across programmes/ functions Re-allocate to ensure there are the right number of members in iGIP and all other functions
  • How to balance the iGCDP and iGIP support? Clear JD for members in Exchange Support Clear KPIs for each member specifically in iGIP and support areas (TM and BD) Hybrid Members Example: TM members in iGIP team
  • What structure should I recruit into?
  • Structures for 0-10 Re 10-40 Re 40-70 Re 70-100 Re
  • 0-10 Start Up LC VP Member Member Member Member Ra-Ma-Re
  • Basic Consideration: Up to 8 TN Takers No sales culture yet 1 sub product as focus (Marketing or teaching) Number of members: Depends on Realization goal and efficiency (from planning framework) Job Description: Raising (from Market Research, sales, raise) Matching (S&D analysis, matching process) Delivery (Legal and Reception, EP Experience delivery) VP Member Member Member Member Ra-Ma-Re Start Up LC
  • StartUpWhy no Team Leader - Generally these LCs have low leadership pipeline - Since realizaBon volume is not high, growth requires a LOT of coordinaBon and work of members with LCVPs - This structure doesnt need a very large team so an LCVP can manage it as well - If you do have very good leadership pipeline, having a Sub Product based Team Leader can work too - SPLIT iGIP and iGCDP LCVPs at an LC level across the focus LCs
  • SPLIT oGIP and oGCDP LCVPs for focus LCs In case this isnt possible, create specific iGIP teams for the summer within the OGX team at an LC level so that they can be tracked separately Summer teams in iGIP can be working to deliver to maybe 2-3 big entity partners only and this is part of their JD 0-10 Start Up LC
  • Potential LC(10-40Re) VP TL Ra&Ma Ra&Ma Deliv. TL Ra&Ma Ra&Ma Deliv. Team Leaders can be split by Industry or by Sub Product depending on your external reality We have the same people working on Raise and Match within the structure for eecBve and fast account management We have specic members only to work on EP Experience delivery so that EVERY EP has a great experience and the rest of the team can focus on account management
  • If currently these LCs have a lot of available forms to match AND need to raise as well, you can choose to have members divided even by raise and match as long as you know exactly how to implement When the same members are responsible for raise and match process, education cannot be focused just on SDP Potential LC(10-40Re) Basic Consideration: Growing sales culture Focus on 1-2 sub products 10-12 TN Takers Each team leader focus on a different sub product Member Efficiency depends on number of Realizations and efficiency
  • High Potential LC(40-70Re) Similar structure for LC doing between 10-40 Re Number of members maybe more because scale has increased There can be one more team leader to tap into another market/industry Ensure LCVP, Team Leader and Team member have clear KPIs and MoS Team leaders also do manage accounts (maybe fewer) but this is also part of their role VP TL Ra&Ma Ra&Ma Deliv. TL Ra&Ma Ra&Ma Deliv.
  • AdvancedLC(70-100Re) VP (SP1) TL Ra TL Ma TL Delivery TL Current Account Team split by Process of Raise, Match and Delivery because this team is high volume and requires focus on each process The Team for Current accounts manage raise and match to ensure effective account management There can be an added Team Leader or some more members in Current account team in case there is a dry run It is important that JD and MoS of members in these teams is split between Current accounts and new accounts Delivery happens all year round either preparing for delivery or receiving interns and supporting them hence a separate team is crucial
  • AdvancedLC(70-100Re) VP (SP1) TL Ra TL Ma TL Delivery TL Current Account The role of team leaders is very important in this structure. Team Leaders have to work in perfect synergy to ensure accounts are managed well Team leaders have to work in synergy to ensure EP experience delivery Every member working in raise, match or delivery MUST know fully the iGIP Process. If not, it will lead to members not being able to raise the right forms or members not being able to match forms effectively JD of members matching is more related to LC- LC Partnerships and is less of coordination with companies for selection (which can also be done by members who are raising)
  • AdvancedLC(70-100Re)OnlyifLCisdoing3SubProducts Job Description (TL Raising) Coordinate the market research, segmentation and division Process optimization from research-sales to raise Coordinate the activities of the members Performance review and tracking VP (SP1) TL Ra TL Ma TL Delivery TL Current Account VP TL SP2 Ra&Ma Ra&Ma Delivery TL SP3 Job Description (TL Matc