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  • UX Field Research BasicsDavid Farkas UXCamp, February 2017

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    Who is this guy?Philadelphia Based UX



    Co-Author of UX Research

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    Todays PlanSection 1

    Planning & Preparation

    Section 2

    Out in the Field

    Section 3

    Finding the Patterns

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    Section 1Planning & Preparation

    Once I have a well-defined question, its simple to identify which information resources will best answer it, and then collect, merge, and analyze them to answer the question.

    - Matt Wakeman

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    1. Validates initial assumptions and existing research

    2. Ensures you cover all necessary topics

    3. Helps session flow smoothly

    Why Plan?

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    WorkproductsTools of the Trade

    In reporting research results, the two most important words are So what?.

    - Dan Brown

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    Test Plan Project Background

    Overall purpose

    Determine Methodologies

    Communicate Outcomes

    Template: http://www.usability.gov/how-to-and-tools/resources/templates/ux-study-overview-template.html


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    Recruitment Screener Guided Survey

    User Profile Breakdown




    Source: http://www.usability.gov/how-to-and-tools/resources/templates/usability-test-screener-website-example-1.html


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    Interview Guide Opening script

    Contextual sections

    Goal Based questions

    Align with project goals

    Challenge assumptions

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    Introduction Packet Pre-introduce yourself

    Provide your background

    Provide key contact information

    Include your picture

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    Travel Logistics Map out routes

    Estimate travel time

    On the Road

    Within Offices

    Plan breaks and meals

    Avoid over-scheduling

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    Team Instructions Avoid asking questions

    Opportunity to ask question

    Control non-verbal reactions

    Stay focussed

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    Notes Worksheet Key for multiple research


    Aids in synthesis and analysis

    Eases on boarding of support/additional team members

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    Asking Good QuestionsThe hardest part of the job

    The hard part is translating our big research questions into good interview questions.

    - Colin MacArthur

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    A good question seeks to explore the unknown in a targeted and guided way, while putting the participant at ease to open up and provide feedback you might not have expected or anticipated.

    Good Questions, Defined

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    Structure of a Question

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    Trademarks of a QuestionGood Questions Are:


    Balance specificity

    Flow naturally

    Bad Questions Are:



    Personal or unconscious bias

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    RecruitmentFinding the Right People

    Without (recruiting) and the users it brings, all other parts of designing a product or service fall back on the teams assumptions.

    - Jeremy Canfield

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    Self-Recruiting Cold Calls

    Live Recruiting

    Email Blasts



    Friends & Family

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    Outsourcing Recruiting Market Research Firms

    Online User Groups

    Client Recruiting

    Online Testing Tools

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    LogisticsManaging Your Day

    If you approach the problem incorrectly or without mindful thought, then your entire solution may be false - or at best ineffective.

    - Ron Strawbridge

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    Logistics - An Overview Travel Time

    Office or Cities

    Building Access

    Dress Code


    Office or Coffee Shop

    Technology is not your friend

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    Tech Checks Testing technology before

    each session


    Start of day

    Start of session

    End of session

    End of day

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    Managing Documents Consent Forms


    Discussion Guides

    Notes Forms


    Photos and Images


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    Dry Runs Perfect Practice Prevents Piss

    Poor Performance




    then practice one more time



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    Section 2Facilitating Research

    As a UX researcher, its imperative to remain neutral and unbiased.

    - Kyle Soucy

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    Introductions & Warming UpHi, my name is

    Set a friendly tone

    Break down barriers

    Establish trust

    Humanize yourself & your team

    The art of small talk

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    Managing Flow Start easy

    Build to complexity

    Know when to back off

    Know when to push further

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    Improvisation in Research Build off feedback

    Support your players

    The participant is the star

    Failure is OK

    Build off experiences and have an open mind

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    Body Language Verbal signs

    Non-verbal signs

    Facial expressions

    Body language is a two-way street


    How are you perceived?

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    Energy Levels Treat every session as your


    Change roles

    Dont over schedule

    Take breaks

    Coffee (all the coffee)

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    Debrief Sessions Daily debrief sessions

    Team sessions

    Client sessions

    In person


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    Section 3Analysis & Reporting

    The real key to unlocking game-changing opportunities for growth is to deeply understand the people you are looking to serve.

    - Ofer Deshe

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    Consolidate Data Define your data points

    Gather all notes & transcripts

    Identify key data points

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    Find Your Story Who is your audience?

    What do you want to achieve?

    What should you use to communicate that goal?

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosenfeldmedia/25672123376/in/album- 72157665621011091/


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    What Story Do You Tell? Business strategy

    Product roadmap

    Discoveries & opportunities

    Identify additional research

    Identify knowledge gaps

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    What We CoveredSection 1

    Planning & Preparation

    Section 2

    Out in the Field

    Section 3

    Finding the Patterns

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    Thank You!Now Available!

    David Farkas @dafark8

    Brad Nunnally @bnunnally