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26 women around the world shared an inspiring sentence on the theme of "A Woman's Investment" during October. Each woman has something unique to say to you. If you are inspired, please consider donating $10 to help me raise money for a microfinance project in the Philippines, and by sharing this on your blog, Twitter or elsewhere. You can help me raise money for a group of women living in poverty to change their lives, and the lives of those around them. awomansinvestment.blogspot.com Jasmin Tragas. Formal Ambassador Women's Opportunity Australia (volunteer) http://www.linkedin.com/in/jasmintragas http://writersworld.com.au/Member-news/NEWS-A-Woman-s-Investment.html


  • A Womans Investment
  • Petal by unfurling petal, a woman's investment keeps delivering Amy Palko lessordinary.org.uk Scotland
  • Deep roots, bright leaves, the strength to weather storms: when a woman invests I know that growth will follow . Joanna Young, Writing Coach, Scotland confidentwriting.com (own photo)
  • You owe your life to a womans investment Kieran Cannistra Innovation Editor, IBM USA
  • She invested in me, her time, her life stories and her love. She inspired me to love, to laugh and to turn adversity into strength. Michelle Zamora, Marketing IBM, Australia
  • Because you believed in me I knew I could succeed. Cindy Lenferna de la Motte, Director at Fashion Collaborative. Australia (own photo)
  • When a mother cooks with her family, she enables the passing down of recipes from one generation to the next that is an investment of nourishment, family tradition and unconditional love Silvia Guccione, Director, Pomodoro Italian Cooking School Australia
  • "We would like to INVEST in you." seven words that can change a life." INVESTING in women's potential is personal for me. As a young mother, a crushing family crisis halted all dreams. For reasons I can't explain, a man named Bruce showed up on my path to believe in my potential. This was his message to me, "My wife and I planned to buy some money market certificates, but instead we would like to INVEST in you." These seven words and the helping hand-up that came with them, changed the whole direction of my life. Debbe Kennedy Founder, President, and CEO Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions Companies. Author, Putting Our Differences to Work
  • The first business I started was just as terrifying and exhilarating as having my first child. The second business was an utter joy to launch and still gives me pleasure years after its inception. In the best of times, being an entrepreneur is similar to being a mother-you lovingly nurture your business and wonder as you watch it grow- through dirty diapers and all . Phaedra Boinodiris, CEO, WomenGamers.Com USA
  • Women generally focus outwardly, investing in what is best for the community as a whole, as opposed to just trying to gain whatever they can personally. They lift up and support many people, instead of just themselves. Renee Wolforth, Attorney USA
  • when a woman in a developing nation receives a microloan to start a small business, she will pay the loan back first and then take her profits and invest in things like a school for the children of the community or perhaps a well for everyone in her village to have clean water. Her investments help not just her own family, but everyone in her social circle. Bonnie McEwan Owner, Make Waves: Impact Marketing for Nonprofits USA
  • When a woman invests in her own small business, she starts a snowball that will improve the life of her family, her community and the world. Linda Griffin Founder ClearWind LLC
  • When a woman invests, the effort will bear fruit and sustain others. Beth Kanter nonprofit technology consultant, trainer, digital and social media coach USA (own photo)
  • Friendship has the power to change lives and save lives Lynne Wenig, Scope President, Australia (2005 2007)
  • To invest in a woman is to invest in the future emotional and physical health of a community. And without community health, there is little value in monetary wealth. Alison Spencer, Workforce Transformation IBM A/NZ, Australia
  • A woman's investment disperses inspiration. Nina Simosko, Global Chief Operating Officer, SAP Education USA Ninasimosko.com
  • To stretch our brains to do what we thought impossible, creates more possibilities than imagined. Dr. Robyn McMaster Sr VP MITA International Brain Based Center http://brainbasedbiz.blogspot.com
    • When a woman gives, she gives so much more of herself than just time.
    • Suzanne Male, Publisher, Smink Works Books, Australia
  • When a woman invests, she creates a chain of love Lindy McKeown, eLearning Consultant Australia
  • Investment without empathy broke the world. We must invest as though the world is cradled inside our wombs, entrusted to our care. Penni Russon, Author, Australia www.pennirusson.com eglantinescake.blogspot.com
  • With rising cost of living, corruption, and other resource problems happening in the Philippines, a good number of Filipinos leave the country everyday to find better opportunities and send money back home. Half of them are women. This situation has resulted to almost 6 million Filipino children not having a mother or father by their side . Janette Toral. Australia/Philippines http://www.bloggingfromhome.com
  • I haven't been to the Philippines but I imagine that if I could visit and research and compare the soft and hard infrastructure available to would-be women entrepreneurs in Melbourne with that of Manila, my report would show, respectively, an embarrassment of riches and a dearth of opportunities. I feel grateful to be able to redistribute some of these riches, in the form of opportunities, to these women. Danielle Johnston. Business Director, Committee for Melbourne, Australia
  • A woman invests more than money. She invests a fierce love, and it pays dividends throughout generations. Sacha Chua. Philippines and Canada http://sachachua.com
  • A woman's investment is ethereal. She gives without being asked, she knows without being told. Her spirit lives in others for an eternity. Marigo Raftopoulos Strategic Essentials Management Consultants Australia http://talesfromthecasbah.blogspot.com
  • As a woman rises up, confidently taking action. she impacts her world - investing her ideas, her steps, her voice, her effort and her creativity. Jasmin Tragas, Australia Wonderwebby.com
  • When a woman invests in the lives of others she propels herself forward into more of her own destiny the unlikely dividend of living a life for others is discovering the purpose of your own. Anita Pahor, Womens Opportunity Director, Australia http://www.opportunity.org.au/women
  • A woman's investment is an investment for life. Shai Coggins, http://shaicoggins.com Co-Founder & Community Strategist, b5media.com
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