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    Starbucks Corporation is an internationalcoffee and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle,Washington.

    Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse companyin the world.

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    Tata Coffee is Asias largest coffee plantationcompany and the 3rd largest exporter of instantcoffee in the country.

    It exports green coffee to countries in Europe,Asia, Middle East and North America

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    India and China are the worlds two fastestgrowing economies. Starbucks had alreadyventured into the Chinese market and notsurprisingly, their Chinese venture turned outto be much profitable than that of their USbusiness.

    Thus, they want to replicate their success inChinese mainland in India. Also, the Indianmarket is heavily driven by the upcomingyouth culture which is totally driven by thewestern trends.

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    With the success of Indian owned Caf CoffeeDay and Barista Coffee, it is a widely provenfact that there is lot of scope for the

    development of coffee caf culture in India. Thus, Starbucks want to capitalize on this

    particular opportunity.

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    To inspire and nurture the human spirit one

    person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

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    On January 2011, Starbucks Corporation and TataCoffee, Asia's largest coffee plantation company,announced plans for a strategic alliance to

    bring Starbucks to India. Starbucks has announced its entry to India by

    signing a non-binding Memorandum ofUnderstanding (MoU) with Tata Coffee Limited.

    The MoU will create avenues of collaborationbetween the two companies for sourcing androasting high-quality green coffee beans in TataCoffee's Coorg,

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    India is one of the fastest growing coffee marketsin the world with a potential for over 5,000 coffeebars. The coffee retail market in the country is

    expected to grow at an annual rate of over 40%. So,there seems to be enough room for all to brew andgrow.

    In accordance with the MoU, the two companies

    will collaborate on the promotion of responsibleagronomy practices, including training for localfarmers, technicians and agronomists to improvetheir coffee-growing and milling skills.

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    The knowledge and understanding of theIndian market can be brought by TATA GlobalBeverages.

    Starbucks will benefit from TATA Globalsinfrastructure.

    TATA has a local knowledge on the real estatemarket and they have opportunities to leveragetheir capabilities in this area.

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    TATA Group will also benefit from the pact.TATAs experience in retailing is not sufficient toopen a coffee retail shop on their own; so, by

    entering in such alliance they will gain a vastamount of knowledge.

    TATA Global Beverages produces bottledHimalayan water which might be offered inStarbucks stores around the world.

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    After gaining enough knowledge in retailingindustry and knowing the Indian marketbetter, TATA might decide to compete with

    Starbucks instead of working with them.

    Potential conflict might occur regarding thestrategy of the alliance and how it should bemanaged.

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