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One to One Netbooks: Year Two Saskatchewan iT Summit 2012

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  • 1. Saskatchewan iT Summit 2012 One to One Netbooks: Year Two
  • 2. Who We Are Ryan Hackl - Spiritwood [email protected] Micheal Hagel - Luseland [email protected]a Mavis Hoffman - Major [email protected]
  • 3. Technology in Our DivisionDivision goals: Give students access to technology1. Ubiquitous access to digital learning tools2. Strengthen 21st Century skills that engages students > Continuum of Skills
  • 4. Cost of Netbooks (today)Netbook Cost: "Drop Warranty" (important)!> todays cost: $538 + tax for a > 3 year drop warranty is $48. 00 Dell Latitude 2120 (for a bulk 4 years is $68.00 order, closer to $500 taxes inc.) 5 years is $83.20Software Cost: List of Software:> Microsoft agreement covers just about every product in their line, and comes off our grant.> Adobe agreement was about $42 per student based on FTE.
  • 5. "What Does Success Look Like?"> definition of the classroom changes> where students are getting information> how students are using information
  • 6. Benefits of Being One-to-One> Portability> "Just-in-time learning"> Real-world learning in the 21st Century ex -Appropriate Uses of Technology 10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have
  • 7. Changes in 21st Century LearningBefore: Shifting Focus:
  • 8. Process Year One - Teachers Only
  • 9. Year Two Process> "Maintenance phase"> Resource sharing: > Yammer ( > blogs, Twitter > PLCs > informal sharing with staff> Supporting teachers as they develop skills > out-of-class (with teachers) > in-class (with teachers and students)
  • 10. Implementation in Our Schools aka... "It doesnt have to look exactly the same everywhere"
  • 11. Luseland and Major Implementation> Parent Meeting and User Agreement> Ubiquitous Access the Norm> Living Sky User Agreements and other documents> Charging at Home> Charging at School
  • 12. Spiritwood: Stored in Carts Rationale: > more transient student population meant staff were unsure that taking netbooks home would be the best option > parents were happy that netbooks would stay in school
  • 13. Spiritwood: Daily RoutinesSTART OF DAY:> 9 am homeroom class... students pick up netbooksEND OF DAY:> 3:05 pm homeroom class... students hand in netbookDURING THE DAY:> goes with students> keep in their lockers atnoon> hand in to library if gone earlier in the day
  • 14. Daily Use of NetbooksNETBOOK USE: > daily classwork / research > less "paperwork" > digital textbooks > typing notes, create graphs > presenting to class > simple photo editingLAPTOP USE: > video editing > photo editingDESKTOP USE: > drafting software
  • 15. Management of Netbooks > Organization is KEY!!! > Excel spreadsheet helps keep track of: > who has what netbook > passwords > which ones are away for repair
  • 16. Future Directions? Shifting Focus: > students interact with and find their own information > students use the netbook as the textbook and find current news articles > students develop more process skills and deeper thinking > learning moves beyond classroom walls
  • 17. Challenges:Broken Netbooks: > on warranty > drops and misuseTime Wasting: > "Youtube backgrounding" slows down Internet speedsBandwidth: > with more netbooks comes the need to monitor excessive use
  • 18. Links that may help:1. Advice for Parents of 1:1 Programs Teaching With Netbooks Starting a Revolution One to One Netbooks Programs One to One Learning Cybrary Mans Educational Web Sites It is Not about the Gadgets
  • 19.