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The barcode is nice and compact in the bottom right corner. It also has the price tag and issue number all along side it which means the magazine can focus on the bands and the attention from the reader is brought straight to the bands rather than the price like other magazinesSex! Spandex! Sharpies?! This headline is quite eye catching but is not surprising to Steel Panther fans due to their glam rock appearance. The photo along side it is a fan photo with one of the band members signing a fans chest which also shows the reputation that the band are quite promiscuous The photo looks to be taken with a flash due to the dullness of the light and the fact it looks like a meet and greet photo.All of the words are in capitals which makes it seem kind of shouty.The font all has the stereotypical rock vibe to it and so then makes the magazine seem a lot more aggressive. The colors of the magazine are also quite rock like. Red usually represents anger and love. This is fitting for its genre because many fans love the bands but bands also the stereotype of the genre is angry. The yellow font makes it seem a lot happier. Older heavier bands are featured and shown in bright colors. Both features show that both bands are not yet doe being a band which makes older rock fans want to bye the magazine and find out why and if and when they will.Also, for people who dont know the Layne is, the headline is very confusing and then makes other people want to know about it The lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars is in front of the masthead where as the other two members are behind it. This shows the power difference in the members and who the fans find to be more important. The man to the right is closer than the man to the left showing once again the differences in the power of the bands. Kerrang! Is also shown in a white font which is a giant contrast to the dark clothing and background that the magazine shows.The dark clothing also shows the stereotypical rocker look which is an example of their music when this magazine was released. None of the members have shaved wither which shows that because of the rough year that theyve had they havent had time too fully look after them selves. There is a rectangle which says World Exclusive. This makes the reader think that all information within this magazine wont be found anywhere else and so they will feel as though they have to buy this magazine to know everything about this band.The pull quote, There were many brutal days, makes the reader wonder what could have been so brutal whilst making music. The name of the band is the second biggest font on the page so the reader will instantly go from the title to the headline.Ever is in italics which emphasizes how difficult the year was for them.They are all looking into the camera which is direct address which makes the reader feel less closed off from the band. The photo used looks like it was 3 point lighting and is at eye level. The shot looks to be a medium shot but gets further out the more the further the artists go. Each member of the band has a shadow casting on their face which could show their past and two of the members had a rough child and so the shadow many represent the dark past but they are mostly covered in light meaning it was only a small part of their life. The name of the band is bigger than the pull quote which shows more people only care about he band itself than what they have to say.

The posters listed at the bottom all have the stereotypical heavy metal pose and appeals to the older rock fans once again allowing the magazine to appeal to those in an older demographic. All of the photos look as though they are all in action. And most seeming to be with ambient lighting and from a low angle.All of the people shown on the front cover are men which once again shows the power and dominance that men have in the genre of rock. The only woman on the cover doesn'tt show her face and the only part visible is her chest which shows how over sexualized women are in any form of genre or just in general.

All of the page has roughly the same color scheme as the front cover with the yellow, black and red. However, there is a stripe of blue at the top and it looks out of place and not as professional.The font at the top is the stereotypical Kerrang font that looks like shattered glass which means they are consistent through out the issue. There are a lot of subheadings for the contents but it makes it easier to read and go through. All of the page numbers for the contents page are in order which shows that the magazine is organized but it is a giant contrast compared to the way they set the rest of the magazine out. It also appears to attempt t appear to an older demographic due to the K! quiz at the bottom of the contents list. There is a pun underneath this heading as well which makes it relatable to younger people and so they will then get involved with the quiz. They also have an area specific for feedback which shows that they care what the readers think and its a good way to interact with them. Pop-punk is also scattered about the page which shows that that may be the common theme for the magazine that week. All of the features in each section of the contents page go from the most popular in that section to the least popular which shows they dont pay that much attention to smaller rock bands wanting to gain a few more fans. The language and register of the contents page is informal and relatable to average British rock fan and almost makes it easier to read. The dominant image shows the lead singer of the band We Are The In crowd. She is also the most attractive member of the band and so makes her eligible to be the main image. She also has direct eye contact with the camera and is at eyelevel from a mid shot. The background which she is in is plain but almost fully grey which shows that it was an official photo shoot and not an informal backstage one which means that even with the fame, she still has time to do shoots.The photo seems to be taken with 3 point lighting, this could represent that in that moment in time of her life she was surrounded by lights and fame. Her facial expression appears to be quite happy compared to the usual rocker pose. She is also wearing quite comfortable looking clothes which shows that artists arent only just normal people but her job is more for fun than it is for fame. Underneath her shows two double page spread referencing pop-punk which is a term thrown around loosely for certain bands and the magazine shows that by putting two double page spreads with almost the same title on the contents page.There is a quick message from the editor which makes the reader feel slightly more welcome. He calls his own magazine special which shows he is confident and prod of this specific issue and may link to why the issue number is at the top. Also, he talk about the main theme of the magazine which is pop punk but some people may not know that if they didnt read the editors note. He also says how there is stuff for everyone and so this gain more readers because he is reaching to a high demographic.There is also a signature from the artist which makes the letter seem a lot more personal.The Language and Register of the brief message is informal and vain due to his high opinion of his own magazine which may be a good thing because no one wants a magazine that even the editor doesnt like. The blue banner along the top repeats the name of the magazine and also has the issue number and cover date. This shows that they want people to remember what they're reading and the format of the magazine There is a slight plug to get a book about Dave Grohl one of the most famous people in rock. However, in small text underneath it says you need a subscription but because it says get it makes the reader go straight to the plug. Next to the double page spread to the left there is a circle which looks like a copy of the Sex Pistols badge who are known for their punk sound. This may represent how most pop-punk bands always say they are influenced by bands like the Sex Pistols. It may also show that since that band there has been no originality to the pop-punk or punk sound in general.

Frank Iero is wearing a suit which is ironic compared to the genre he is a part of and he doesn't surround himself with forms of professionalism. He has his symbol on his cufflinks which shows that all of his money and fame has came from his name and not his past. Despite wearing the suit, all of his tattoos are shown which represents that he is hiding amongst a cover of political correctness.The photo uses a key light and back light with a shadow to the right hide of his face which shows a dark past. The photo has been taken at eyelevel and due to how close of a shot it is, it makes the reader feel close and personal with the artist due to the direct address. Also, despite wearing the suit, he isnt clean shaven which means its all a cover up.The photo is a single shot of him which doesnt continue onto the next page which makes it look like a more professional magazine thats aimed at an older demographic. In the strap-line, The Black Parade, his name and Parachutes are all bolded. This shows his past, who he is and his future all in one short introduction.There is a pun in the strap-line also. Celebrations marching on, is a pun about the Black Parade album which would only be clear to My Chemical Romance fans. The credit to the photographers is on the lower centre of the page rather than in the by-line which is most likely to make the symmetry better. The intro to the article itself talks about how he is in a taxi whilst the chat is happening which shows slight unprofessionalism even though he is wearing a suit. The article begins by talking about how his birthday is on Halloween which links to the stereotype that most of his fans have chosen Halloween as their favourite season. Th