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Session about the core meaning and principles of UX. Who "does UX"? How? (UX camp CZ - Prague, Jan 2013)


  • 1. UX revised Petr Kosnar@faxecz

2. UXstands for... 3. userhttp://mysticandroid.spruz.com/blog.htm?a=&cat_id=&month=2&year=2012 4. experience 5. Tackling emotions... http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1084804511000324 6. Needs...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslows_hierarchy_of_needs 7. Defining visual and functional properties of the object or system. 8. ...done by a designer.http://eyeglasses.go-optic.com/store/eyeglasses/eyeglasses.asp?CATALOG=EYEGLASSES&BRAND=RAY- BAN&Material=P&Gender=Mens 9. UX design? 10. UX designerUX design 11. UX designerUX design product 12. UX designerUX designuser product 13. UX designerUX designuser productsociety 14. UX designerUX designuser Emotions Mood product Needs Memories ...societyNormsValuesStereotypesCulture... 15. UX designerUX designuser Emotions Mood product Needs Memories ...societyNormsValuesStereotypesCulture... 16. HOW? 17. We need a hero who can deal with that... Who is it?http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 18. Expert on understanding people Psychologist =and their feelings, needs, emotions, behaviour, ...http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 19. Expert on society, norms, Sociologist = relationships, influencing crowds, ...http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 20. A guy who can apply psychology UX designer! =and sociology on design! ...but who is that actually?http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 21. Expert on aplied psychlogy of light,Architect! =space perception andenvironmental psychologyhttp://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 22. Expert on aplied social psychology, Urbanist! =environmental psychology, ...http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 23. Expert on aplied psychology of light,Paintor! =colours, visual perception, visualillusions, ...http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 24. Expert on decision making, Salesman! =persuasion techniques,judgment, ...http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 25. Expert on applied socialPolitician!=psychology, trust, persuasiontechniques, ...http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 26. http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 27. Really?http://freecoloringpagesite.com/32-superhero-coloring-pages.html/superhero-coloring-10 28. UX = applied psychology in a given context 29. UX = designing emotions, memories,feelings, ... 30. WHATdoes the hero do? 31. Prototype 32. Axure prototype 33. Axure prototype 34. User Interface design 35. User Interface design 36. Usability 37. Usability 38. Web analysis 39. Web analysis 40. Marketing 41. Marketing 42. Copy successful products 43. Do you always show iPhone in presentation of your product? 44. Copy successful products 45. These are tools and consequences... 46. What is the goal? 47. experience 48. experience Make user happySatisfied Feel goodFeel safeBuild opinion... 49. WHATdoes the hero do? 50. 1) Study the situationUsers ContextTimePlace SocietyPossible influences from the environment ... 51. 2) Model and analyze the situationWhat happened? Who interacted with whom? What user needs are in game? What emotions are in game? 52. 3) Identify conflicts & opportunities Whats wrong?Where is the sad point in the story?Where is the negative emotion? 53. 4) Formulate goalsWhat MENTAL and SOCIAL situation I am aiming at? 54. 5) Optimal (improved) situationVision of success 55. 6) How to achieve that? = solution 56. Then: prototypes, testing ideas, iterative design cycles, ... 57. UX designerUX designuser Emotions Mood product Needs Memories ...societyNormsValuesStereotypesCulture... 58. web designer UX designvisitor EmotionsMoodwebsite NeedsMemories... society Norms Values Stereotypes Culture ... 59. architectUX design homeful Emotions Mood house Needs Memories ... society Norms Values Stereotypes Culture ... 60. urbanist UX designinhabitant Emotions Moodcity Needs Memories ... society Norms Values Stereotypes Culture ... 61. ToolsShare ProcessesMethodsSuccess & failsacross fields! 62. Step out of your branch!Dont follow, explore! 63. Inspire & get inspired 64. share 65. Now.