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October 2009 IUP Newsletter


  • 1. IUPeopleInter-University Program for ChineseLanguage Studies V O L .2 , I S S U E 8 I U P Letter from the Director resident Paul Mooney. The Dear IUPers:We've had an eventful fallgreat trip to Changsha,where I think we all learned series will continue with Peking University political science researcher Zhi Zhen- feng who will talk to us semester here at IUP so far,Thursday in Chinese about and now thanks to newslet-jurisprudence in China. The ter editor Larissa Jesanis, werest of the schedule is as now have a chance to reflectfollows: on it as we move forward through the year. In this is- Oct. 29: Musician, Writer, sue Ma Yinqiu Laoshi writes and Entrepreneur Kaiser about her first experiences Kuo (English) and impressions as an IUP Dec. 3: Peking University teacher. Kathleen Bucking-Economist Chen Dong ham offers an article (in (Chinese) Chinese!) about her trip to Dec. 17: Palace Museum In this Issue:present her research at the Charles Laughlin (): Researcher Alfreda Murck World Bamboo Congress in(English) 2 Resident Director IUP Thailand, and Cecelia Chen writes about a self-organized We are also planning an 3trip IUP classmates took tothat good Hunan cuisine is a alumni event in November Heilongjiang and the charmsworld unto itself, and one of(TBA) at 798 which will of staying in a bathhouse! the few things you cannotlikely include a talk by an Exploring China 3get in Beijing (at least not important contemporary with IUPThis is an exciting group; easily). Those of us who woman writer . . . more on during orientation week youwent to Yali Middle School that as the event shapes up! Picture Page4 spontaneously set up dinners also got a first-hand glimpse and parties and continue toof one of Yale University'sSo please enjoy this issue, do so (don't forget IUP canoldest connections in China, share it with your friends Spas support themed events if you and met some of the most (also electronically, through 5 let us know in advance). excellent high school stu- IUPeople.com), and look Some have gone on outingsdents in China (the Yale-forward to a lot more as the Upcoming6 to 798 and musical and the-China Association assignsyear progresses! Events at IUP atrical performances as well.Yale College graduates to and in the Bei- As for IUP-organized Yali and other schools as jing Area events, we went to the teachers for two year stints). Marco Polo Bridge and the Charles A. Laughlin Acknowledge-6 Peking Man excavation site We also began our lecture ments in September (see photos!),series with freelance jour- and just got back from a nalist and long-term Beijing

2. PAGE 2IUP IUP IUP : IUP IUP IUP IUP IUP IUP IUP IUP IUPIUPIUP IUP +IUPIUPeople 3. VOL. 2, ISSUE8PAGE3 , 710CO2 , CO2 . (carbon sequestra- tion) 40 CO2 (ha) CO2 (sustainable devel- opment)3 , 920% 50-70 (Kathleen Buckingham) Exploring China with IUP IUP is famous for its high stan- On the weekend of October 9 a All in all, IUP has pro-vocabulary; we also gain dards and rigorous curriculum. record high of over seventy vided us this semesteran intimate knowledge of But that doesnt mean that IU- students, teachers, and friends with several unique cul-Chinese culture. Pers dont know how to havebraved a seventeen-hour train tural experiences that fun! On two occasions so far ride to explore the capital offew foreigners (or even Larissa Jesanis this semester we have managedHunan Province: Changsha. Chinese) ever get to en-() to drag ourselves away fromThere they discovered the joy . . . and believe me, our textbooks and Chinese- beauty of the Yuelu Hill Park,we definitely enjoyed English dictionaries to explorevisited IUP alum Carol Yu atourselves. the country we love so much. Yali High School, and learnedabout Hunans rich history at A few IUPers have gen- On September 12th more thanthe Hunan Provincial Museum.erously offered to share twenty IUPers expanded their Many even ventured off into the their pictures with our knowledge of Chinese history Hunanese countryside to visit IUPeople readers. So just at the Marco Polo Bridge ( Chairman Maos former resi- turn the page to see for ) and the Peking Man exhibit. dence in Shaoshan Village.yourself that at IUP wedo more than just learn 4. PAGE 4 PICTUREPAGE Travel is At IUP wemore thando morethe seeing ofthan justsights; it is a learn change thatvocabulary;goes on,we also gaindeep andan intimatepermanent, in the ideas knowledge of of living. Chinese Miriam culture. BeardIUPeople 5. VOL.2, ISSUE8PAGE5 SpasImproperset us back thousands of RMB each wondered how such luxurious yet Host Mom, what is a (xy night. cheap establishments were sustainable, zhngxn)? I asked casually in the car.Kevin realized that I wasnt kiddingWikipedia turned our lives about the existence of both scholarly Oh, those are bad places, replied my around. Roberts Wikipedia Traveland pornographic magazines in the host mom in her gentle, mellifluousprintouts casually mentioned that spas library. Oh well, no time to ponder! voice, are filled with ques- are popular venues in the Northeast andOur buffet dinner had been splendid tionable visitors and even more ques-listed two recommended places. Pere- and we were off to enjoy some much- tionable practices. Its well, hmm, in-grine was relieved one such place, needed massages. volved with the, hmm, prostitution in- (Shnghitn), was not in the seedy area dustry. My host mom finished near a next to the train station; Robert andDescent whisper as she tried to keep the Kevin, with hopes of finding warmer! Take us to the citys most ex- improper word out of my young host showers, cast in their vote; Larissa was pensive ! we cried to our con- sisters hearing. Why do you ask?curious; and I was drawn by the mentionfused taxi driver the moment we gotof my hometown in the spasinto Shenyang. We got what we Oh, nothing! My friends and I passedname. Since we needed a place to nap wanted: a palatial complex complete by some while traveling and were curi- before our 1:45am train, we went to thewith exercise rooms, book rooms, ous what they were, I added hastily,spa. whirlpools, dry and wet saunas, mas- knowing immediately that I could no sage pools, and even our own personal longer share with my morally upright Liveried doormen and professionally- locker-opening attendants, host family the degree of our curiosity. attired employees greeted our entrance all for 48RMB perTakeinto the brightly illuminated lobby, ush-night. By now, we had We didnt simply pass by the ered us onto plushy sofas, brought usalready gotten used to us to the citys (spas was the euphemism we chose insanitized slippers, and patiently stood by separate attendants who favor of bathhouses), we lived into introduce all of our options. 24 hourswould put shoes on our most expensive them for 4 nights of our 7-day journey of rest, buffet breakfast, a free towel, feet, hand us towels, lead! we up into Chinas scenic Northeast. It all usage of the shower and sauna facilities,us up and down the stair- started with some disgust, some curios-and access to the library could all be cases, and charge ourcried to our ity, and some adventurism for the un-ours for just 38RMB. A 60-minute mas-phones for us. We had also known. sage was available for 50RMB gotten into the habit of confused taximore. We consented and proceeded torequesting ever-longerAddiction enjoy the most powerful jet stream massages and receiving driver the We started out like normal college back- shower since arriving in China. Dressedever-longer bills. As formoment we got packers, roughing it out with enormous snuggly in sanitized pajamas, we girls other sights in Shenyang, hiking packs and staying in pre-booked proceeded past the main resting area well, what sights? The into Shenyang. hostels. The first night, as we draggedwith individual reclining sofas and bigattendants only allowed us our travel-worn selves into the commu- screens into a room with semi-enclosed to leave the spa for a maximum of 2 nal bathroom, we couldnt help groaningclusters of beds. Finding a cluster just hours before we would have to rereg- at the disgusting stalls. By the nextfor us, we snuggled into the fresh laun- ister, and really, who would want to morning, we were desperately trying to dered sheets and slept.stop parading around in clownish paja- fit all of our belongings onto the lone mas all day anyways? little hook in the shower stall, teeth chat- Alas, we were forced to wake up at mid- tering from the showers lukewarm driz-night to catch the train. Yet, we were Hmm, now that we are back in Bei- zle and Harbins chilly morning. The hooked. At our new destination in Mu-jing, maybe we should drop our apart- thought of returning to our dismal hosteldanjiang we found a cluster of police- ment leases and move into the citys at night was disheartening, but to travelmen and asked them for the best most expensive . After all, economically like the poor students that in town. This one was slightly cheaper athow could we stand the IUP workload we are we could only stare wistfully at28RMB per night, and as we enjoyed without 24-hour long massages, right? the more centrally located hotels. Wefree internet service in a mostly empty tried to convince ourselves that all bath- reading room furnished with elaborate rooms in China stunk, with the excep-wall paneling and fine leather chairs, we Cecelia Chen () tion of those in 5-star hotels that wouldmused over our great find. While Robert 6. Upcoming Events at IUP and in the Beijing AreaDate and Time EventLocation and Details Every Day until October 25,Oktoberfest 2009 Paulaner Bruhaus (no entrance fee)18:0023:00 October 20, 15:0017:00Clean Energy, Climate Change and the China World Hotel, Function Room 12Future of US-China Relations(150/250 RMB) October 21, 8:009:30US-China Information Technology Capital Club (150/250RMB)Products and Trade Issues October 22, 18:00BConnected Networki