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2. INDUCTIVE RESEARCH I started my research by looking at various school magazines. During this process I have become aware of various patterns that appear in the construction of many magazine covers. Some of these patterns are: A magazine title, large at the top of the cover. Stand out subheadings that highlight main areas of the magazine. A month and year date to publicise which issue the magazine is. Many have a catch phrase/slogan which is placed above or below the title. They most commonly have an image of a smartly dressed student. These photos use the rule of thirds where eye line is usually placed in the 2 nd third, this is to catch the readers attention. 3. COVER CONVENTIONS. The variation of fonts and colours on this magazine make it interesting and intriguing for the audience meaning they are more likely to pick up the magazine and read it. The mast head creates a recognisable brand image that will make school members aware that this is the new issue of the school magazine. The mast head commonly stands out from the rest of the text by being bigger and brighter than the rest of the text. The cover lines are used to highlight the main aspects of the magazine which are the articles more liked to entice the reader. The strapline/feature article cover line highlights the main story in the magazine used to help to make the reading audience larger. Offers and prices are used to lure in the reader widening the amount of readers of each issue. Using a colour palette that is easily recognisable means people will know which school the magazine represents. The colour palette will have some link to the school for example the colours of the school logo or the uniform.The magazine slogan is used along with the mast head to make it recognisable. The slogan is commonly used on all of the published magazines by the same company or school. It is used to make it stand out above its rivals. The main, central image tends to be a close up or a medium shot to emphasis the main stars/stories within the magazine. The gaze of the girl in the image is straight out towards the reader causing an instant link between the reader and the person in the image. This link causes the reader to be intrigued to the magazine meaning they will be more likely to pick the magazine up. The magazine image uses the rule of thirds. This is the rule that to intrigue and entice an audience the models eyes should be in either the lower section of the first third or in the second third this is used as it make the audience feel more involved with the model making them feel they have a relationship despite the fact they do not know the girl in the image. 4. DIFFERENCES OF SCHOOL AND MUSIC MAGAZINES. School magazines tend to have images of a smartly dressed student in order to influence those of a younger age. On the other hand music magazines will work with specific models to meet all the gratification the reader desires to see on their magazine, this will be further elaborated in the next slide. The main differences between music magazines and school magazines are that a school magazine will not have a barcode as they are usually free of charge to the students whereas a music magazine is always on sale in multiple stores across a nation. The two types of magazine will use different language techniques as a music magazine is trying to sell its self whereas a school magazine is trying to sell the school and gain new students from this via the current pupils. When reading through a school magazine you will never see any negative views being put forward on the school or any students as the aim of the magazine is to paint a positive image of the school, on the other hand music magazines may include negative views of some of the celebrities in order to achieve a higher selling figures as every reader likes to learn juicy details of their favourite celebrity. 5. DIFFERENCE OF IMAGES. The school magazine has used an image of a smartly dressed girl, in glasses which are stereotypically portrayed as being by those with a higher intelligence. This is in order to make the younger students aim to be like her, which will help make the school a smarter atmosphere. The image shows the student carrying her folder although we can clearly see she is carrying a bag. This is used to show to the other members of the school the level of work they should be completing, it then also creates a positive view of the school to any outside parents or guardians. The depth of field behind the image is of the school which is in focus and also has other people/members of the school leaving and entering the school but these are more out of focus in order to keep the audience enticed on the main girl in the image. The image is a medium shot that enables the reader to see the main aspects of her uniform as well as her positive body language which will helps us get the impression that she enjoys the school and has the correct attitude when she attends. Gives the school a positive vibe to readers out of the school, On the other hand the image of Angelina Jolie on the rolling stones cover is more seductive with her showing some flesh which will help intrigue a male audience. The tattoos that are shown in the image on Angelina will entice a younger audience as tattoos become a craze in the teenage years. Angelina is also a woman who many women desire to be like so they will read the magazine to get more details on the person she is, a younger audience will also look up to her so they will read it as she is an idol to them. Keeping a simple depth of field keeps the attention on Angelina Jolie, the simple background helps to make the cover more eye catching as there isnt too much going on in the image to distract away from the main story. 6. MUSIC MAGAZINE DECONSTRUCTION. Mast head covered by the image as the magazine have created a consistent house style that makes it easily recognised by the reader so does not need to be fully shown. Doesnt need to stand out as much as many people will already recognise this magazine. Due to the magazine being so well known by its title it makes the need for a slogan less necessary. The strap line/ feature article cover line highlights the main areas of the magazine that are likely to entice a larger audience than the other stories in the magazine, so this is commonly those with the highest level of gossip. The variation of the colours and fonts used make the magazine look interesting, using a larger text for the feature article helps to draw the readers attention straight to it making it more likely for them to buy the magazine. The contrast between the yellow and green helps it become more eye catching which will expand its audience. Rather than using a constant colour palette for each issue made the magazine uses the masthead to make the magazine recognisable.The cover lines are used to highlight some of the main stories which will feature in the magazine in order to entice an audience to the best of its ability. It also gives the reader an impression of the topics that they will read about which will help increase the amount of readers and buyers. The central/main image is a medium long shot of Angelina Jolie who features in the main article. The magazine have made this link between the two as all those who stop and look at the magazine due to the image being of her are then likely to buy the magazine so they can read an article about the celebrity they idolise or find attractive. Having Angelina's pose contrast with the way she is dressed, making her look innocent and pure shown through the lack of make up and the closed body posture makes the reader feel she is hiding some hidden truth which they want to know about. Angelina uses her gaze to create a bond between her and the reader this also helps to keep the individual intrigued.