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What are Digital Badges. A quick guide to digital badges


<ul><li> 1. What are Digital Badges? Kathleen Radionoff Dean of Continuing Education Madison College kradionoff@madisoncollege.edu (608) 258-2309 </li> <li> 2. Keep learning. Digital Badge Definition An open standard to recognize and verify learning using a rigorous curriculum, clear learning outcomes and issued by a trusted source. </li> <li> 3. Keep learning. </li> <li> 4. Keep learning. { "uid": "f2c20", "recipient": { "type": "email", "hashed": true, "salt": "deadsea", "identity": "sha256$c7ef86405ba71b85acd8e2e95166c4b111448089f2e1599f42fe1bba46e865c5" }, "image": "https://example.org/beths-robot-badge.png", "evidence": "https://example.org/beths-robot- work.html", "issuedOn": 1359217910, "badge": "https://example.org/robotics-badge.json", "verify": { "type": "hosted", "url": "https://example.org/beths-robotics-badge.json" } } Metadata standardizes information ensuring that the badge is genuine. Name Description Issuer Criteria Evidence Standards Dates: Issue / Expiration Keyword tags (skills) </li> <li> 5. Keep learning. Open Badges Simplified What did they do? Who did it? Who says they did it? </li> <li> 6. Keep learning. Elements of a Quality Badge Must come from a recognized brand Must have some form of rigor behind it Must represent marketable skills Should have resume potential </li> <li> 7. Keep learning. Madison College Continuing Education Program Madison Area Technical College serves more than 44,000 students at 11 locations in portions of 12 counties Continuing Education served 14440 during FY12-13 individuals and year-to-date FY13-14 14265 Broad programming range </li> <li> 8. Keep learning. Madison College Non-Credit Badges Madison College Continuing Education Department is a recognized national leader and expert in the development, design and implementation of rigorous digital badges. </li> <li> 9. Keep learning. 1st badge in the series to earn the Food Service Management 1 course completion badge. This image is what the issuer would see. </li> <li> 10. Keep learning. The email that the student receives upon earning a badge </li> <li> 11. Keep learning. What the student sees upon clicking view this and your other accepted badges from the previous email </li> <li> 12. Keep learning. Sharing Badges Earned </li> <li> 13. Keep learning. Instructional Design Plan </li> <li> 14. Keep learning. Questions? Thank you! Contact information: kradionoff@madisoncollege.edu (608)258-2309 </li> </ul>