Digital Badges for GE101 and GE107

Download Digital Badges for GE101 and GE107

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Instructions to take GE101 and GE107 assessment course and claim your digital badge.


  • 1. Digital Badges for GE101 and GE107
  • 2. Create a Credly Account To receive full credit for the course you must first create a Credly account at h=ps:// This is easy. Remember to use your Eastern e-mail address when seGng up your account.
  • 3. Digital Badges @ Eastern University Your course is located at Log In using the link at the top right hand corner.
  • 4. Log In with Credly Select the Log In with Credly bu=on. Type in your Credly username and password and press the Submit bu=on.
  • 5. Choose Your Course When you log in the course selecPon page will appear. Scroll unPl you find your course then select it.
  • 6. Course Page To start your course choose the Take This Course bu=on. NoPce the check-marks under the Status column, these will be high- lighted whenever you finish a selecPon. You do not have to finish the course in one siGng. The check marks allow you to keep track of the last completed lesson. This allows you to track the lessons you have not completed. You can return to do the next lesson at your convenience. Remember to Log In using the Credly log in each Pme you want to work on a lesson.
  • 7. ComplePng a SecPon of the Course To receive credit for a completed secPon or lesson of the course you must use the Mark Complete bu=on to go onto the next. Some courses will include a student acPvity before you are presented with the Mark Complete bu=on. You cannot go onto the next lesson unPl you have marked the current one complete.
  • 8. Final Assessment The Final Assessment is available once you have finished all the lesson requirements. Select the link to begin the quiz then choose the Start Quiz bu=on. The Final Assessment uses True or False and mulPple choice quesPons.
  • 9. Final Score When you have finished your final score will appear. A passing grade is 70%. If you have failed there is an opPon to restart the quiz. You can review your answers by selecPng the view quesPon bu=on. If you have finished, select the Click Here to Con;nue bu=on. This will return you to your course page.
  • 10. Check Your E-mail When you have finished the quiz, you will receive 2 e-mail messages from the Digital Badges system. In one you will receive noPce of your final score. The other will display the digital badge you have earned. Forward the digital badge e-mail to your professor.
  • 11. Claim Your Badge You can claim your badge for permanent display in your Credly account by pressing the Save and Share bu=on in the e-mail message. You will be prompted to claim your badge a^er the pressing the bu=on. From your Credly account you can post to your social media site or simply store for later reference.