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SUnali Aggarwal, UX Lead of Mobikwik.com, spoke at the World Usability Day Gurgaon, orgainsed by Make My Trip.com.Her Presentation emphasized on the importance of Smarter systems. Designers need to think and design smarter systems which save costs for both a user and a business. These systems need to bring about a change in user's lifestyle and should also be able to make the industry think of more innovative service/business models.


  • 1. Mobikwik.com Virtual Telecom Service Provider SYSTEMIC SAVING @ WUD Gurgaon Designing for Sustainability

2. What do we mean by a SYSTEM? A set of components that work together for overall objective of theWHOLE Mechanical/Electrical Systems-cars, clocks, assembly lines Human Systemsindividual, teams, families- Companies Electronic/Telecommunication systems - personal computers, LANs, WANs- Internet, Kindle Ecological Systems-earth as a planet- global warming Biological Systems-birds, fish, animals- food chain When ONE element/component changes , it simultaneously changes and affects many other elements 3.

  • in
  • DesigningSmarterProducts & Services orSYSTEMS
  • Emphasis on


  • Which
  • Saves TIME
  • Reduces UNECCESSARY Interactions
  • is USABLE
  • Saves MAINTENANCE and support costs

NO PROBLEMO HAPPY TO HELP Attributes of aSmartSYSTEM? 5. How do we DesignSmarterSYSTEMS? 6. SmartSYSTEMS PURPOSE USABLE ENGAGING INNOVATIVE SMART SYSTEMS Business User Content Visual Appeal Easy To Use Accessibility Service Models Technology 7. Case Study- Makemytrip.com 8. Case Study- Makemytrip.com The immediate IMPACT

  • Extensive Product Information
  • Product Search made easy
  • Booking/Cancellation Simplified
  • PNR is key
  • Book Anytime Anywhere
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • 24/7 Customer Support

9. Case Study- Makemytrip.com The SYSTEMIC IMPACT

  • No Agents required
  • After Sales Support
  • Saving Customers trip information- Easy Retrieval
  • Reminder through SMS
  • Sensitivity towards customers requirements
  • Cheaper tickets- Competitive market

10. Case Study- Just Dial SEARCHon PHONE Or on WEBSITEJust Dial Customer Vendor 11. Case Study- Just Dial The immediate IMPACT

  • Customer gets the precise information
  • Phone based search- no net required
  • Information is received in SMS format
  • Vendor can call the customer directly
  • Customer makes only one call
  • Convenience

12. Case Study- Just Dial The SYSTEMIC IMPACT

  • Better reach due to Phone based Interaction
  • Localization
  • Services are trying to acquire easy to remember numbers- like cab services etc.
  • First customer requirements then customer details
  • Faster responses to customer enquiry
  • Replacing Print format

13. Case Study- Mobikwik.com

  • [email_address]
  • IITD/Intel/ Nvidia
  • sunali@mobiwkik.com
  • NID/ Bharti/ NYFA/ Eastvillage
  • Mr.G@mobikwik.com
  • -IITD/Trilogy/Adobe

Mobikwik Team 14. Case Study- Mobikwik.com What are we Trying to do?

  • Create a new network-less service provider
  • Key plays on
    • Technology
    • User Experience
    • Simplicity
  • Three kind of services
    • Voice
    • Data
    • Applications

15. Case Study- Mobikwik.com We have started with... 16. Case Study- Mobikwik.com We have started with..You can also schedule Recharge 17. Case Study- Mobikwik.com We have started with.. 18. Case Study- Mobikwik.com We have started with.. 19. Case Study- Mobikwik.com The SYSTEMIC IMPACT

  • Replacing print recharge coupons
  • Micropayments made easy
  • Improving Product Knowledge
  • Accessing more services via SMS
  • Cheaper Recharge (Talktime) options
  • Reward for Customer Loyalty
  • Grow as a Service Provider but also as a Platform
  • Freedom to choose what to buy, when to buy

20. Thank You Contact Sunali Aggarwal www.mobikwik.com [email_address] 91-9818245950