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The pull quote in the corner of the magazine cover grabs the readers attention because of its boldness the colour used helps in contrast with its background that is more busier and darker so using white helps because the text is clear.The masthead is bold which catches peoples attention immediately because of the size of the text (Q) and the background behind the text the red square, red is a bold colour so its effective and eye catching to use on a magazine. This masthead works with the layout as its not in the way of seeing the model even though its placed on top of her.The text under the Masthead establishes what the magazine will contain inside of it, which will most likely be information about music and since this is magazine based on the genre pop, most of the content will be based on artists linked to pop music.The subheading being used shows the clear link to the artist modelling on the cover as her name is included in it, and the size of her name makes the importance of us seeing it This graphic that is used makes the magazine look more professional and glamorous. The colours in the graphic has been purposely used to match the colour scheme to the magazine.The barcode is for shop owners to scan the magazines in order for customers to pay for it. How the model is positioning her hands gives the front cover a clear layout, as her hands split the magazine in the middle the text is placed on each side of her hands and this is also effective as it makes the magazine appear more symmetrical, which therefore looks more appealing and proffeestional.

The background of the contents page is very faded and has a mixture of dark and light tones in it to allow the text to stand out against the more darker tone. The title of the contents page makes a bold statement with the red highlighting the white text (SPIN) this is effective because the red is the first thing that catches a readers attention therefore they will be drawn to look at the title before anything else.The content itself is laid out neatly on the left of the page, and right underneath the title, which makes the page look a lot more organised as the text isn't placed across the models or placed on the opposite side of the page, this makes it a lot more efficient as the reader can view the text easier, on the other hand the only criticism I would point out is that the text may be a little too small to be able to read but maybe the reasoning for this is probably because the size of this text is kept consistent through this magazine.In this corner of the page the text in the blue box is referencing who the photographer that took the photo of the models in the background is, to give credit to them as theyre using his photos.The pull quote used here is from the female model in the photo, and shes stating that she feels like The luckiest girl in the whole world, and this quote is used effectively as we don't know her back story to why she feels lucky so it interests the reader to knowing why, and they wrote a page reference (page 70) to most likely go into depth of what she is talking about.The models in the middle are taking the majority of space on the page, which could refer to how significant they are in this magazine as they draw a lot of attention towards them that could mean that they're the main focus of this issue in the magazine.The mise en cine: The clothing they are wearing in this shot is a mature business style of fashion choice, they are wearing blazers and blouses/button up shirts and the main colour that they are wearing are black so this could be hinting that she is trying to express her maturity and that could be what

The positioning and posture of her body gives the appearance that shes quite relaxed but careless so the shot of her comes across as effortless as she appears not bothered to appear too posy. Also the body posture shows the reader that shes young (teenage young adult) and also the dark black make up shes wearing around her eyes matched with the black clothes shes wearing are representative of her personality, we can pick up from her appearance that she has a punk/rock fashion style and this look could reflect on the genre of music she produces (pop-rock).This double page spread incorporates a pink, black and white colour scheme, using pink makes it more recognisable that this magazine is aimed at a more feminine audience.The bold large title grabs the readers attention immediately as its very in your face because of its size. The boldness of the text links to the genre in a way, pop is very up beat, loud and a bubbly genre so the pink in the title symbolises the pop style. I think having the artist take up one whole side of the double page spread is effective because we know instantly that the subject and content of the huge amount of text is based on the model which is Taylor Momsen, this is helpful because it lets the reader acknowledge that this double page spread is focused on this artist.