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{ Cinematography - Analysing The Decent Brandon Wood

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  • 1. { Cinematography - Analysing The Decent Brandon Wood

2. Clip 1 3. Clip 2 4. Clip 3 This is the first scene of the clip it starts of as a wide shot and starts of blurred revealing someone that has just woke up and slowly gains focus. The camera used for this is a rack cam as it slowly moves closer and closer without the camera shaking as it is a smooth move forward. 5. Clip 3 Mid Shot- in this image a static shot is used to show that the image is focused on Sarah suddenly waking up on the hospital bed. 6. Steady wide cam they use a wide shot to make Sarah feel lonely this also shows that she is running from the darkness. Wide stedicam its point of view of something chasing Sarah in the dark. Trombone shot this shot is used as an affect to show the expression on Sarah's as the fading background as she can see the darkness coming as if its trying to take her in to the dark. 7. This is a scene showing one character comforting the other it also goes around the 360 degrees angle to show that every thing else is still going on around them normally. 8. This scene shows someone crying for what her friend is going threw this shows emotion and gives the audience an idea of how they re all feeling. 9. Clip 4