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<ul><li> 1. CTPhung Tu Oanh &amp; Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung YOUNG MARKETERS CONTEST 3 Final Round LNH Moms authentic grain of rice </li></ul> <p> 2. 1. Business analyzing 2. Customer understanding 3. Brand positioning 4. Launching AGENDA 3. Vinarice: huge capital, supply chain, network Build up a new brand for Vietnamese rice in domestic market: After 3 years: + 20% unbranded market + 25% target consumer switch to use branded rice + TOM rice brand After 6-month campaign + 5% unbranded market + 50% TOM, 10-20% try + &gt;5% target consumer switch to use branded rice BUSINESS BACKGROUND &amp; AMBITION 4. Rice is a commodity, which is segmented by price &amp; texture focus. -&gt; Low involvement, Boring, Lack of excitement We need an excitement, which can be provided by: New benefit New product New standard 96% urban agree These days, i worry more about food safety 94% agree I prefer natural ingredients rather than artificial ingredients 89% I worry about my health than before 90% buy brands that are good of quality even more expensive* MARKET REVIEW &amp; OPPORTUNITY =&gt; Rice for health *Source: Kantal Worldpanel Life style survey 2012 4key cities of Vietnam 5. SEGMENTATION Health conscious Casual Dining Convenience lovers - Health is a prominent concern, especially health problems caused by unhygienic food. - They do not fully trust the food industry anymore after a spate of food safety incidents and always looking for healthier solution. - They want healthier food and are willing to pay more for them. - They tend to check nutritional labels warily and avoid unpopular product. - They feel responsible about their own health but they also concern about the cost of healthy eating. - They do not trust the food industry but its not an urgent need for them to looking for a healthier solution. - They cook at home because they feel casual dining is safe and money saving. - They do not feel that there is any thing they can do to improve their health. Good or bad health is matter off chance. - They do not have a certain knowledge about nutrition need. - They dont feel that cook at home is a need. Their priority is saving time and money. Social Demographic: Mom, 25 -45 years old, ABC+, urban 6. Needs &amp; Finding Buy at market/ retailer Washing many times Consum- ing CONSUMER JOURNEY Compromise and accept Certain knowledge about choosing rice Worry about safety = health Try and switch if needed Health concerns Ti ch mua nhng ni quen, tin tng c, c ngun gc r rng. | CONSUMER TRUTH | Vn phi vo go nhiu ln, c khi n 3,4 ln v lo s c cht bo qun. Always take care of family health, every dish has to be the best quality that mom can afford, even its rice. 7. PRODUCT TRUTH Authentic rice good for health Its the rice from the past, which is full of nutrients inside, safe &amp; good for health which is a inherent value of rice that we protected. What we means when saying Authentic rice is Go la ma (Planting-seasons Rice) - The only Vietnamese rice in the past: Grow naturally No preservatives Less pesticide The most delicious 8. Always take care of family health, every dish has to be the best quality that mom can afford, even its rice. Category truth Consumer truth Product truth Mom thinks she has to know what is the best for family health, so every dishes she prepared is perfect, but the bowl of rice is yet to be authentic. Brand Consumer Insight Authentic rice good for health 90% unbranded, no quality control, not insurance for consumers health. 9. Ht go cng nh tnh m - v qu gn gi yu thng Nn tr thnh hin nhin Nn chng ta v tnh qun phi nh Brand Essence Chng ti chm sc ht go nh cch m chm sc sc khe gia nh. We grow the rice like Mom grows her family. Embracing your health Rice is also authentic like moms love people t a ke i t f o r g r a n t e d &amp; f o r g e t t o r e m e m b e r. We believe that: The more authentic the more it need to be treasured. 10. To (target consumer) Mom, AB+, 25-45 y.o, urban Health concious. Having certain knowledge about rice. Lnh is the (category frame of reference) brand of authentic rice That (benefit) Authentic rice with protected inherited value as in the past the best rice for your health. Thats because (RTB) + rice-planting seasons + qualified varieties of rice + modern technology, strictly follow production standard BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT 11. Go la ma Product 3 best Promotion Price 30.000 VND Place Packaging. Proposition + Full of healthy &amp; authentic feeling. + Have the full nutrients description behind. + Have the using guideline. + Type: 5kg 10 kg 20 kg 6Ps model + the best flavor + the safest + the most careful + Focus on MT. + Lanh store. + Booths/store in big market. 12. Supply chain 13. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Objective: Market development Product platform: Healthy Health concerns for the whole family, especially kids. Family Plantingseason rice Who What Why Authentic rice for good health classic Special nutritious Premium Good for some illnesses / Preventing some illnesses Family / Who need special health care Enhanced nutrition Super safe for health Family Organic rice 14. We see that Old days Moms grain of rice - 80% of Vietnamese were farmers, they ate the rice grew by themselves which was the authentic rice - Rice used to be treasured in daily meal Nowsaday Kids grain of rice - Quality of rice has been reducing by preservatives, flavoring - rices value cannot be kept - Value of rice is also forgotten because of other variety dishes Our big idea Moms authentic grain of rice Ht go nguyn lnh ca m COMMUNICATION IDEA Our mesage Give your kids the authentic grain of rice that mom did have in the old days. Cho con ht go nguyn lnh nh m tng c khi xa. 15. Deployment plan Phase Trigger Engage Amplify Key message Simple bowl of rice is no longer authentic as it was. With Lnhs journey, the inherent value of authentic rice is protected, like the way moms protect their children health. Choose authentic rice for health of your family Key hooks TV series That meals in the old days (M k con nghe Chuyn mm cm ngy c) 3D painting exhibition - Moms authentic grain of rice" Sampling Booths Channel VTV3, Facebook Offline MT, markets booths, stores 16. TV series: M k con nghe Chuyn mm cm ngy c + Series of lessons about traditional values around story of rice which was lost. + 1 Story / 3mins / week: VTV3 + Audiences send their own stories to website to get gifts &amp; share their stories to facebook. PR articles, forum: rice is not retained the inherent value (Unbranded, preservatives, flavoring ...) Trigger Ngy xa, ci ti ln nht khng phi l tm sng hay nh ln, m l n cm ri vi ri v dm ln, nh th l mang ti vi t tri Ngy xa, mi nm ch c mt v ma, khng n, nhng mi ht go l ht ngc ca tri, phi chn cng mm, phi mt nng hai sng mi lm ra ht la. 17. Engage 3D Galleries in 6 cities 3D galleries with 3 areas: Stories of rice in the the old days, Stories of rice today and Game area: Journey of the authentic rice" The contrast between the authentic rice which were treasured &gt; &lt; rice uncontrolled, losing the inherent value, be forgotten among other dishes. Like the traditional values are forgotten. "Journey of the authentic rice" Kids get an authentic grain of rice at starting point. Kids and moms must overcome the challenges, from "harvest", drying, polishing, removing poor quality seeds, ... by model of producing process of Lnh to protect their authentic rice. Pass through each stage, Kids get tem phiu, s go with stories, lessons inside. Give sampling to Moms (5kg bag of rice.) -&gt; With Lnhs journey, the inherent value of authentic rice is protected, like the way moms protect their children health. 18. Choose authentic rice for health of your family - Have sampling booths at MT, market booths, stores Cook our rice &amp; give consumers for sampling. - If buy at our sampling booths: buy 2 get 1. Amplify 19. *Credit: Ch s % c tng hp t Kho st nhu cu tiu th ni a ca go t tiu chun Global Gap c ti tr bi S NN&amp;PTNT An Giang. **credit: ch s c ly t nghin cu tng quan v cuc sng ngi dn VN 2013 - vinaresearch BUSINESS CASE 6 months Women, 2545 y.o, Urban ~ 3 100 000 people AB+ rice price &gt; 15.500 VND (63%)* ~ 1 953 000 people Concerning about health of their family (55%)** ~ 1 074 000 people Suppose there are 20% people try in the 1st 2 months -&gt; Revenue: 112.8 bil VND/ month 5% switch in the next 4 months -&gt; Revenue: 28.2 Bil VND/ month In 6 month we earn 338.4 Bil 20. Thank you </p>