dancing in the dark ages (middle ages). what does the middle ages remind you of? knights

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Dancing in the Dark Ages (Middle Ages) What does the Middle Ages remind you of? Knights Castles! PeriodizationPeriodization Early Middle Ages: 500 1000 High Middle Ages: 1000 1250 Late Middle Ages: The beginningEarly Middle Ages Decline of Roman Empire Rise of Northern Europe New forms of government Heavy Romanization (religion, language, laws, architecture, government) Latin- medium aevum means middle age and is source of English word medieval Why is the Middle Ages called the Dark Ages? The Roman Empire collapsed leading to the Dark Ages. Rome represented a bright civilization that established order, government, clean water, impressive architecture, and the list goes on and on Historians later started calling the Middle Ages the Dark ages. Who is left after Rome falls? Germanic Tribes (Barbarians): The Franks take Gaul, Angles and Saxons take Britain, Visigoths take Spain. Byzantine Empire- Is still hanging around. (Formally the eastern half of the Roman Empire) The Religion of Islam will arise in 622 AD Europe in the 6c Lets Be Frank, (The Franks are the Strongest Barbarians) The Franks were farmers than lived in small communities in Northern Europe In 486 King Clovis of the Franks conquered Gaul Clovis preserved many Roman customs, one was the Latin language. Clovis Converted to Christianity and the Franks became a Christian Kingdom. Christian Kingdoms will come in contact with a new religion Rise of Islam in the Middle East Founder: Muhammad Born: 571 AD in Mecca, Arabia Descendant of Abraham Titles: The prophet, the messenger Holy Book: The Koran Islam is recognized as an official religion as of 622 AD What do Muslims Believe? One God Mohammad is Gods (last) prophet Believe Jesus was a real person just not the son of God. Must travel to Mecca at least once in a believers lifetime (hajj) Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are very similar. They are Monotheistic The all clam Abraham as their ancestor The Spread of Islam Islamic peoples quickly spread across the Middle East and Northern Africa. Culture Clash: Christian vs. Muslim Muslims invaded Europe taking all of Spain. Next they turned their sights on Gaul. Who was the Powerful Germanic Tribe that was already in Gaul? The Franks Frankish King Charles (the Hammer) Martel Cloviss Grandson Charles Martel is credited with the victory over the Muslims of the Battle of Tours (732 AD), which was an important event in world history due to the fact that it prevented Muslim expansion throughout Western Europe. Think about it it would be a different world, wouldnt it? Why? founding father of heavy cavalry (Also known as Knights), and chivalry Charless Son Pepin the Short (Not as Cool of a Nickname) Pepin Gave some land in Italy to the Pope, that land is now called the Vatican. The Pope then clamed to be Gods special reprehensive on earth. (Roman catholic Church gains power) This starts a special relationship between the Kings of Europe and the Pope in Rome. Pepins Son Charlemagne (Charles the Great) Charlemagne embraced the idea of being a Christian King Charlemagne set up schools that made copies of the Bible Then, all of a sudden Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagnes Frankish Kingdom will be split up between his three Grandsons Front Page Newspaper Article (Battle of Tours) After the video, Imagine youre a journalist during the time of Charles Martel (around 700AD) Create a Newspaper article on the Battle of Tours Include the following: 1.Name of Newspaper (Caswell Messenger) 2.What was the Battle of Tours? Who fought? who won? Who was the main leader? 3.Why is it important. Explain in detail. 4.A short time line of the early middle ages 5.Pictures of events