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Page 1: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

Up your fashion game

with Soda Bloc’s

hottest denim looks.

See page 5

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Page 2: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

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Marika Truter | 021 872 [email protected]

Fashion editor

Pepe Sofianos | 083 300 2068 [email protected]


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DistributionAWSUM News is distributed to the following schools in NORTHERN SUBURBS: Primary Schools: De Kuilen, Mikro, Bellville-Noord, Edgemead, Welgemoed, Aristea, Durbanville Voorbereiding, Eversdal, Gene Louw, De Tyger, Kenridge, Bellpark, Brackenfell. High Schools: Stellenberg, Durbanville, HTS Bellville, Brackenfell, Bellville, DF Malan, Fairmont, Settlers, De Kuilen.

Printed by Paarl Coldset

1 Take the scenic routeDon’t hurry to your destination, no matter how excited you are to get there. There are so many extraordinary scenic routes to follow in South Africa and you should take advantage of them. There’s no point in going on a road trip if you’re not going to take the time to enjoy the drive. Open the windows and let the fresh air in as you enjoy the view from the open road. However remember not to go too far off the beaten path and if you do, rather hire a 4x4 than trek into the bush with a littly Noddy car.

2 Create a playlistMusic is essential to any road trip. Of course, it can’t just be any music – it has to be world class-road trip music. And don’t even think about playing album after album or one artist at a time. You’ve got to mix it up. Spend some time going through your music and put in the effort to create the perfect road trip playlist. There’s nothing quite like singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody as you cruise over a mountain pass. Use the the South African road trip playlist on the next page for inspiration to create your own playlist.

3 Stop along the wayDon’t be the driver that won’t stop the car unless it’s for an emergency. You’ll find the most spectacular hidden treasures while you’re exploring the open road. You don’t want to miss discovering something truly unique because you’re worrying about arriving on time or getting to your destination as soon as humanly possible. Take some time to explore – you won’t regret it.t.

4 Be prepared for disasterYou already know to fill up on petrol and have your oil and water checked, but there are other safety measures you should put in place. Keep a 5-litre bottle of water in your boot in case of a breakdown. It may seem silly or unnecessary, but imagine breaking down on a deserted road on the hottest day of the year. You should also get the numbers of towing services for wherever you’re going. And,


This edition of AWSUM News brings you not one, but two exclusive double-page sport features: a centrespread T20 ICC World Cup feature, which you can keep for

the duration of the tournament. Use it to find and keep track of all fixtures and make sure you never miss a a game! On pages 20 and 21, there is a feature on the Tony Stoops Rugby Festival 2016. (For the other sports enthusiasts, you will find the latest schools’ cricket rankings in the region on the back page.)

There is also a feature on one of the region’s annual highlights, the Woordfees in Stellenbosch. Make sure to get around to any (or many) of the exciting shows and exhibitions.

Focusing on the upcoming holidays, we have compiled some tips to make the most of these holidays if you are going to be traveling (see below), as well as providing an AWSUM golden oldie South African playlist for your road trip

We also bring you another exclusive fashion page by our fabulous fashion editor, Pepe Sofianos. Page 4 features ‘Little

Things that Count’ in the fashion stakes.Jenny Morris, aka the Giggling Gourmet, showcases the

scrumptious food of Mariana’s in Stanford, with a recipe to satisfy the tastebuds.

For students, we feature some apps that will go a long way towards making studying more fun. We look at both Android and Apple apps, and hope your kids will find these suggestions fun and useful.

While you have some time over the holidays to recover from hectic school mornings, we make some suggestions on how to avoid the morning rush and start the following term on a more organised and peaceful – well, it is worth a try!

We hope you will have a lovely holiday time, whether you are traveling, have visitors, or just stay at home for a well-deserved break.

All the best for the holidays!Marika & your dedicated AWSUM teamm

Holidays are already upon us!





It’s hard to believe that it’s already the last month of the first term. It feels like just the other day that we welcomed you to an AWSUM 2016!


4 Tips to have the best Easter road trip everThere’s nothing quite like packing your bags and hitting the road for a few days. With Easter holidays coming up, a road trip provides the perfect getaway. Of course, when you head out on the road you’ve got to be sure

to make the most of it. Use these four tips to plan the perfect Easter road trip for you and your family.

Where are we off to?

Pg 3

Flex your mussels!! FASHION: Mental toughness for sports teams

Pg 6




Getting behind the wheel and heading out on a road trip can be a truly wonderful experience and you should make the most of it.

Page 3: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School


13 Kingfisher Crescent, Okavango Park, Brackenfell, 7560 • Tel: 021-982 4808 [email protected] • Mimi - 082 896 0373 • Annalize - 083 461 4243

Mason Porcelain Tea sets

Antique Chairs Porcelain Duos & Trios - Incl Royal

Albert Berkeley

Goeters van Gister


Antique furniture and many more

WALVIS BAYFish & Chips Restaurant

Monday-Friday: 8AM - 8PMPhone: 021 981 3545

4 Old Paarl Rd, Cape Town

Chip roll Special - R10with FREE sauce

by Jenny Morris

Follow Jenny @jennymorrischef 

Flex your mussels!!

• 250 g fresh tomatoes, roughly chopped

• 1 clove garlic, finely chopped

• ¼ t honey• ½ t salt• ¼ t freshly ground white

pepper• 100 ml best-quality olive oil

• 2 t fresh tarragon, chopped, plus 2 sprigs

• 1 kg fresh mussels in the shell

• 100 ml white wine• 100 ml water• Cos lettuce leaves and


© Jenny Morris 2016

MethodPlace the chopped tomatoes in a blender and process until smooth. Place a sieve over a jug and strain the tomato purée to catch the pips. Whisk the garlic, honey, salt and pepper into the tomato purée. Slowly add the olive oil and whisk vigorously until the oil is incorporated into the tomato mixture. Stir in the chopped tarragon.

MUSSELS WITH TOMATO VINAIGRETTEPreparation time 10 minutes | Cooking time 5 minutes | Serves 4

The cover of this book really got my heart beating – my favourite colour turquoise and the absolute best fruit on earth, the wonderful pomegranate, such a beautiful fruit, filled with little ruby jewels. When I page through the pages of Mariana’s Country Kitchen, I feel something I can’t explain – almost emotional, reminding me of growing up in my parents’ kitchen and garden. I love this book – it is one of the most beautiful books I have seen in a very long time. I adore the recipes, love the styling and stories – I’m just in love with this book!!!!!

In 2000, Mariana Esterhuizen and her husband said goodbye to city living and opened a restaurant in the village of Stanford. Since then, Mariana’s has grown into one of the top eateries in South Africa, attracting foodies from all over. The average wait for a table is three months. The secret? Mariana serves food fresh from her own extensive vegetable, fruit and herb garden, prepared in her own unique way. Her delightful book includes recipes for the restaurant’s top dishes, along with vegetable dishes, classic dishes, and Mariana’s favourite childhood foods, courtesy of her mother.


Tel - 021 975 5344

Page 4: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School


What to wear now

So the 1970s have hit the fashion scene big time --- Boho, gypsy and hippies in fringes

and feathers while disco flash is all metallics and platforms. But it’s on-trend accessories

that make these retro looks just scream cool. Fashion Editor Pepe Sofianos shows you what

you should be spending your moola on ...

Edgy ankle boots, hippie

backpacks and junky jools

--- that’s what you need to

pump up your swinging 70s look.

#MUST-HAVE HAIR HELPERThe 70s era has been called the most

diverse, individual and vibrant decade in the

history of fashion. Use these key items to build

up bright looks that will make you “totes” far

out in the trend.

• Scarves and headbands

• Zany sunglasses

• Ankle boots

• Backpacks and fringed bags

• Body jewellery

Not only was that an iconic hippie movie and musical (check it out with your folks!), it was a key look of the sizzling 70s. It was a really hairy decade,

so it became a built-in accessory. Girls went mad for “big” hair with loads of curls and feathering and

the sassy shag was born then. And the guys ... well, think surfer hair, the Afro and of course, a riot of

long locks thanks to the Beatles. It was also the time when the boys got into hair care and styling products

and they’ve never looked back. So here’s the ultimate new hair helper --- Redken’s One United, R366, only at salons, a do-it-all multi-benefit daily

spray-on treat for hair with attitude. It’s a true unisex product that suits all hair colours, types and textures.

And it’s hot property with top model/actor Naleye Dolmans. Just look at his hair, dude!



Fringed leatherette mini, R199.99 and feathered plaited thong (can be used as a belt or headband), R59.99, both Legit.

Jewelled body chain, R49.99, Mr Price.

Boho dress, R299.95, Edgars.

Silver backpack, R199.99, Legit.

Set of five Boho rings, R49.99, Mr Price.

Gypsy coin headband, R39.99, Mr Price.

John Lennon shades, R49.99, Mr Price.

Peak cap, R59.99 and suede shoes, R149.99, Mr Price.

Fringed three-tone bag, R139.99, Mr Price.

Tractor-sole platform sandals, R259.99, Fashion Express.

Floral scarf, R159, Edgars.

Gigi Hadid ticks all the right 70s boxes --- vibey shades, cropped top, slashed denims, fringed bag and the best boots ever --- ankle biters!

Cut-out ankle boots and Chelsea boots, R299 per pair, Soda Bloc.

Boys grey backpack, R189, Soda Bloc.

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has two big fashion likes right now --- her always-there backpack and her cheeky ankle boots.

Girls blue backpack, R179,

Soda Bloc.

Grey eyelet ankle boots,

R259.99, Fashion Express.

Miley Cyrus wowed the crowds with her take on the body chain, wearing it under her cropped top.

Headscarves are big news worn hippie-style like Alessandra Ambrosio.

* All prices correct at time of going to print. Stocks may be limited..

Page 5: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

GET IT ALL Ask your Mom to sign up for our fab Upload & Download cards --- it’s the best way to shop for hot threads. It’s like your own currency.• Your Mom loads cash on to her Upload Card anytime at any TFG store and then you can spend it at any Soda Bloc store using the Download Card. Sharp, sharp!

Hey there fashion squad! We all need some inspiration for cool weekend outfits. That’s what we live for......



Classic T-shirt R99Skinny jeans R259

Denim shirt dress R299Fringed jacket R299High neck crop R99

Denim A-line skirt R269Chelsea boots R299

Cross body bag R179

Denim jacket R299

xxxxxxxxxx R000xxxxx R000xxxxxxxx R000xxxxxxxxxx R000

Peak cap R89Fringed dress R249

Backpack R189

Skinny jeans from R259 to R299

Give us a follow and you’ll be in on all the latest looks and what’s trending right now and you can share in our behind-the-scenes fun, competitions, new store openings and much more. Do that #sodablocstyle thing and who knows, we might give you a shout out.

You’ll find our stores here: Promenade Mall, Tygervalley Centre, Hemingways Mall, Sandton City, Mall of the South, Clearwater Mall, Greenstone, Eloff Street, Middleburg Mall, Canal Walk, Mall of the North, Bay West.



If you want

a look with


options, make

it something




Cavendish Square,

Cape Town


Sleeveless high neck crop R89Denim A-line skirt R269Fringed jacket R299Red high neck crop R89Denim pinafore R339Chelsea boots R299

Page 6: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

Surely a team should try and win each and every match played? While I would never suggest that a team ever try to deliberately lose a game, there are valuable lessons to be learned from the reaction of a team when it loses.

Firstly, teams should always try and win a match fairly through executing good technique and staying focused on individual and/or team goals rather than be aggressive or dirty. Winning competitions or doing drills well during practices leaves any player/athlete feeling confident about their ability, skill and decision making. These experiences prove that we are competent at the sport. Also, when we do something well, we get compliments from important people such as coaches, parents and friends. Experiencing competence and support from others are two key factors that help develop and maintain our motivation.

On the other hand, losing a match or failing to meet one’s performance goals usually results in a lot of unhappiness, frustration and even finger-pointing or blame. Some people

may either blame themselves or act out in frustration. Being aggressive when losing or in the next match won’t help, as there is no aim of improving your technique or adapting your strategy. Feeling ashamed about your performance or actions often results in a low effort in either training or the next pressured situation.

One of the central features of ‘mental toughness’ is the ability to ‘bounce back’ after a defeat. Experiencing a loss can help a team to become aware of their weaknesses and adapt their response to being placed under pressure. Teams or athletes that are ‘problem-focused’ can use the negative experience and information from a losing performance to fix mistakes that contributed to the loss. Both positive and negative responses to sport are valuable. Understanding how to make use of negative emotions following a defeat or poor performance can both improve one’s performance and influence our enjoyment, even when losing.

It may sound completely bonkers, but it has often been said that it is ‘valuable’ for a team to lose the occasional match during the course of a season. Sport psychologist

Greg Wilmot explores this thought ahead of rugby season coming up.

Mental toughness for sports teams

Consider these questions after losing a match, or to evaluate a disappointing performance:

PlanningHow can I improve or adapt?How does losing affect my approach to training this week?Are there new resources I can use to develop my skills?

Gathering informationWhat mistakes did I make?What techniques or strategies were either effective or ineffective?

Developing new skills to improveDo I need to practise my current skills more?What new techniques can I learn to ensure a good quality performance? Good quality training will improve my performance under pressure.

(Article references from Deci & Ryan, 1985, Sagar et al., 2010, Crust, 2007 and Larazus, 1999.)


Page 7: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School


Incorporating the right kinds of starchy foods into your diet is consistent with consuming fewer calories and, as a result, achieving sustainable weight loss. In fact, the vitamins and minerals as well as filling fibre found in carbohydrates might just be the answer to staving off energy dips and unnecessary snacking, staying alert during the school or work day, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Leading nutritional experts suggest it’s the excessive consumption of refined, fatty carbohydrates like chips and oily crackers that are more likely to contribute towards weight gain. The right kinds of carbohydrates, however, can actually assist in keeping off the extra kilos, by increasing the resting metabolic rate (RMR) of the body, which in turn burns more calories.

Good carbohydrates are also affordable, versatile and easy to prepare. If you’d like to introduce more wholesome carbohydrates into your meals while following a healthy eating plan, here’s a round-up of the top five carbohydrates for weight loss:

Wholewheat pasta This versatile ingredient is high in fibre for digestive health. It’s bulkier than white pasta, which makes it super filling, so you don’t have to eat as much and you’ll stay fuller for longer after eating. This means you won’t snack in-between meals. One serving (one cup) also has around 23% of your required daily fibre intake and 16% of the required daily protein intake.

Low GI and low GL breadWith our fast-paced, high-energy lifestyles, there’s a reason bread is the go-to carbohydrate of choice – it’s nutritious, requires little preparation and is quick to eat. Choose loaves that have low GI for slow-release energy and low GL for low impact on blood sugar levels. Also opt for bread that’s high in fibre for digestive health, like low GI brown bread, low GI crushed wheat brown bread or low GI white bread.

Sweet potatoesThese little gems have quickly risen to superfood status and for good reason. They’re a great source of vitamin B, vitamin C and fibre. They’re also linked to boosted collagen production, which helps fight the signs of aging.

Brown riceA healthier version, brown rice still has the hull and bran on each rice grain, giving it more fibre. It’s rich in magnesium and potassium, and keeps blood sugar levels stable. Brown rice has also been linked to a reduction in weight carried around the middle of the body, because it’s low in calories, but has a high fibre and water content.

BarleyThis ancient grain is very low in calories, and contains fibre and amino acids that help boost weight loss. Barley is super affordable and a great way to bulk up soups and stews (and increase their fibre content).

Amidst the proliferation of food fads and eating plans that rose to popularity in the past year, it’s hard to tell

what’s up and what’s down. One food group that got an unfairly bad rap in 2015 and deserves a second chance?


Did good carbs get a bad rap?

Article by Lynne Arbuckle, principal of Riverside College Primary School.

Stay calm and carry onAct preemptively – take a minute to talk to or cuddle your child as they wake up – this may prevent attention-seeking tactics that delay the process later. Similarly,

try to remain calm – the more flustered and anxious you are, the more likely your child is to slow down. There will be days when your child is dreading going to school. Show sensitivity to this and you will find that things run more smoothly.

Appoint a rotating DirectorIf you have more than one child, rotate the position of morning Director – this person is responsible for making sure everybody gets what needs doing done. Incentives can include picking the music for that morning’s drive. If your children are learning to tell the time, incorporate this into the routine, get them to note increments of ten or fifteen minutes.

Lay it out like crime sceneSet out clean clothes, bags and books the night before in a designated spot near the door. Involve your children in packing everything they need the night before, teaching them to be aware of what’s required to fully participate in class and school activities. If your child leans towards forgetfulness, charts and to-do lists can help them learn to keep track of their belongings and responsibilities.

Be an enablerStock up on wholesome, easy-to-make breakfast foods and keep them in accessible places so that children can help themselves. They will practise independence and free up your time. School-age children can stack their dishes in the sink or dishwasher, so make each one responsible for their own mess. It can be the Director’s duty to check that everybody is pulling their weight.

Tips for streamlining the morning rush

School run – avoid the morning rush

One thing all parents with school-age children can relate to is the challenge of getting

them up, fed and off to school in the morning. As the term ticks along, routine

gets more lax and getting out of bed becomes less and less appealing. To avoid the daily

chaos, put some structure in place – sooner rather than later.

An on-time and organised child experiences less anxiety and stress during the school day. Parents can also avoid additional trips to school and rushed apologies to teachers if they work together with their children to develop a morning routine. Each family has a unique morning routine. As your child’s workload and schedule

expands, the skill of creating and sticking to a routine will aid their learning and independence.

Page 8: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School


10 Apps to make your kids love studying

With the academic year in full swing, learners throughout the country are starting to take stock of the academic mountain they need to climb in the months to come. In 2016, this mountain has

become much easier to scale, thanks to some fantastic applications developed to make the mastering of schoolwork and organising

one’s life much easier.

Self Control for StudyHelps you focus on your studies by blocking certain

social networks, which means your study time cannot be interrupted by quickly checking the status updates of your 2 570 Facebook friends. Basic telephone functions, such as phone calls and SMSes, remain available.

PagesCreates documents such as summaries, projects and speeches, with page layout functions such as a variety of

fonts. You can insert diagrams and images and manipulate them on the page to make summaries, projects and speeches fun and easy to get under the knee.

Penultimate Turns the dreary creative and helps you craft drawings and diagrams by simulating handwriting. You can write,

scribble and sketch on a page that is free of clutter and has all the essential tools to create inspiring work.

Dropbox and Google Drive Allows you to upload files to the Cloud so that you can easily

retrieve them whenever you need them. They are also valuable backup resources, which means that ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse is no longer necessary! (Downloading videos can be expensive because of data charges, so you might need to view such videos in libraries or other areas where free wi-fi is available.)

iTunes UProvides access to a myriad of courses from top higher education institutions across the world. Instructors can use

this app to prepare lessons, collect and grade assignments from students, host one-on-one or group discussions, and annotate PDF assignments.

StudiousHelps you to keep all balls in the air. Use this app to store details about your next assessments, assignment due dates and

timetable, including subject, time and location. The app reminds and alerts you in advance. Helps you organise your tasks and keeps your academic life together in one place. You can use the app to capture ideas

and to-do lists, and to collaborate with fellow classmates.

DictionaryThe leading and most trusted single-volume English dictionary available for free, with the very latest vocabulary with over 350

000 words, phrases and meanings.

TEDAccess to talks from some of the world’s most fascinating and insightful people, from educators to music legends. It

is a must-have app for learners serious about broadening their horizons.

WhatsAppA brilliant study tool that allows you to send unlimited images, video and audio messages to your WhatsApp study group.

One good way of using the app, for instance, is to record a lesson and pass it on to your peers.

Article by education expert Wonga Ntshinga, Senior Head of Programme at the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at The Independent Institute of Education.

There are thousands of digital applications that can improve the study experience and lead to better results. These apps assist students and instructors to write assignments and notes, plan and complete lessons and projects, avoid distractions, and revise ahead of exams. Finding and evaluating apps could be a frustrating exercise, because there are so many. These are some recommended tried-and-tested apps to get you started to digitise your learning experience.

Top 10 Songs for your Easter Holiday road tripMake this Easter Holiday road trip legendary with an all-time great South African playlist. From the cosmopolitan vibe of Johannesburg to the stately beauty of the Free State crops, to the sandy shores of Cape Town, these iconic South African songs will delight your senses, inspire your imagination and awaken your adventurous spirit and elevate your trip to the next level!1. Johnny Cleg – Great Heart

Although Johnny Cleg was born a Brit, he is considered one of South Africa’s most celebrated musicians. His song Great Heart from the movie Jock of The Bushveld is just one of many of his songs that echoes within any South

African sport stadium and has managed to achieve anthem status with crowds in this country he now calls home.2. Toto – AfricaThe initial idea for this song came from the band’s vocalist David Paich. He explains the idea behind the song as “... a white boy who is trying to write a song about Africa, but since he’s never been there, he can only tell what he has seen on TV.“ We think he did a pretty good job imagining what Africa is like.3. Heuwels Fantasties – National Braai Day AnthemThe local Cape Town electronic rock band in conjunction with the Soweto Gospel Choir produced this song in 2009 to celebrate the country’s Heritage Day on 24 September. The song’s lyrics echo South Africans through their common social denominator, the braai!4. Freshly Ground – Do Be DooThe Capetonian Afro-fusion band is probably best known for their feature in the song Waka Waka by Colombian pop star Shakira that was the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Do Be Doo was this band’s first hit single and includes a unique musical style that blends different elements of traditional South African music.5. Mondoza – NkalakathaThis Sowetan musician strives to give an inspirational message to kwaito. He uses his music as a way to encourage young South Africans to achieve their goals. In 2001, his song Nkalakatha won the Song Of The Year title at the South African Music Awards.6. Beatenberg – Feels Like Heaven

Although Beatenberg is a fresh new face in pop music from South Africa, they quickly received international recognition with their song Feels Like Heaven that is a remix favourite in clubs across the world.7. Miriam Makeba – ClickSongNicknamed as Mama Africa, this famous South African singer and civil

right activist has received a few Grammy Awards for her beautiful African melodies. This fantastic pick-me-up song celebrates her native tongue in all its glory.8. Jeremy Loops – SinnerJeremy Loops, a Cape Town loop-pedal artist, skilled in guitar, harmonica, beatbox, ukelele and banjo is also relatively new on the music scene but became a playlist favorite with his songs that perfectly capture the diversity of South Africa.9. Karen Zoid – Afrikaners Is PlesierigAfrikaners Is Plesierig is not only a favourite amongst those who speak Afrikaans, but you would even notice other native tongue speakers with heads banging to this spiced-up version of an old classic. The alternative Karin Zoid is known as South Africa’s queen of rock, as she so easily charms the crowds with her electric guitar.10. Mango Groove – Special StarMango Groove is an 11-member South African Afropop band whose music fuses marabi, kwela, and pop music. They have sold more than 700 000 albums in South Africa. This song was dedicated to Spokes Mashiyane, the king of kwela, but is sure to get any one up and grooving to its delightful beats.

By Carla Steenkamp on Connect-123

Page 9: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

LAERSKOOL WELGEMOED(t) 021 913 2104 (e) [email protected]

9LAERSKOOL BELLVILLE-NOORD(t) 021 948 3654 (e) [email protected]

LAERSKOOL MIKRO(t) 021 903 2126 (e) [email protected]

Vrydagnag, 21 Februarie, het LS Bellville-Noord se Ouervereniging hul jaar afgeskop deur meer as 90 Graad 5 tot 7 leerders wakker te hou (‘n paar het wel gesneuwel voor Klaasvakie se sandjies).

Deurnag was daar ‘n groot verskeidenheid aktiwiteite waarby die leerders kon inskakel as individu of in spanverband. So was daar ‘n talent-en danskompetisie, ‘n netbal-en sokkertoernooi, twee flieks, verskeie groepspeletjies en ‘n algemene vasvra-kompetisie. Daar was ook ‘n fliekhoekie vir die fotogenieses en ‘n snoepie vir die hongeres wat o.a. “popcorn’, pizza’s, slaptjips, braaibroodjies en selfs cappucino’s verkoop het. Net na middernag was die uiters gewilde skattejag waartydens die leerders, volgens een van die toesighoudende ouers se “toep” (Afrikaans vir ‘n “app”), ongeveer 3 km afgelê het deur in en om die skool te stap om die verskillende antwoorde in volgorde te soek.

Arné Mulder (voorsitter: ouervereniging) en die OV het weer baie moeite gedoen om te sorg dat die wakkerbly ‘n groot sukses was. Ons het ook die grootste groep ouers nòg gehad wat die ander lede van die ouervereniging deur die loop van die nag kom ondersteun het. Hul het met algemene toesig, as groepleiers by die groepspele en skattejag, en ook met die verkope en kosvoorbereiding in die snoepie gehelp. Die opruiming na afloop het ook baie vlot verloop en almal was spoedig by hul huise om daardie paar uur verlore slaap te probeer inhaal.

Ouervereniging begin jaar met suksesvolle wakkerbly

Graad 5-onderwyseres, Juf. Ilandi Steenkamp, het ‘n draai kom maak en bietjie pret saam met van die Graad 7’s gehad. Saam met haar is Helani Malherbe, Cayla Mouton en Hailey van Schalkwyk.

‘n Groepie Graad 5’s aan die kuier tydens ‘n aftydjie tussen die georganiseerde aktiwiteite.

‘n Groep op-en-wakker Graad 6’e tydens een van die aktiwiteite.

WP TennisMika Lourens, Lynri Snyder, Zané Wilson en Chanté Kruger het WP- kleure in tennis verower.

WP Laerskole AtletiekkleureLisa Terblanche (Graad 4, 0/10 gewigstoot) is vir die WP Laerskole Atletiekspan gekies.

Mikro marathon

Laerskool Mikro sê dankie aan al die ouers se betrokkenheid tot ons Mikro Marathon.

Valentine’s DayOur head leaders started off with a message on Valentine’s Day: A day to show love, respect, appreciation and care for ourselves and others. Our Blessies definitely showed these values on this special day. Our educators and learners were spoilt by the parents and the school alike. With so many treats, we were happy to be able to donate of the goods to the Edelweiss Old Age Home.

SOS-kamp vir die BlessiesDie Graad 6-leerders van Laerskool Welgemoed het tydens 1– 3 Februarie, hulle kamp te Villiersdorp baie geniet. Hulle het uitdagende aktiwiteite gedoen en baie kennis oor die omgewing opgedoen. Daar was ook ‘n verskeidenheid diere wat hulle beter leer ken het! Sjoe, wat ‘n onvergeetlike ervaring …

Welgemoed Swem Gala Vierhoek AtletiekbyeenkomsLaerskool Welgemoed, Eversdal, Kenridge en Totius, het vanaf 26 –30 Januarie, mekaar op die atletiekbaan aangedruf. Al die atlete het hierdie byeenkoms as voorbereiding vir Kring 7 gesien. Die Blessie-atlete het baie goed gevaar! Hulle het 20 1ste plekke, 20 2de plekke en 25 3de plekke behaal.

Nuwe rekords is opgestel deur MJ Louw (3), Herman Roux (1) en Anli Rademeyer (1). Goewerneur het die huisbeker gewen.•Senior Victor Ludorum

MJ Louw•Senior Victrix Ludorum

Lucy Coates & Tine Boot•Junior Victor Ludorum

Xavier Strydom •Junior Victrix Ludorum

Hyorin Kim

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EDGEMEAD PRIMARY SCHOOL(t) 021 558 1007 (e) [email protected]

LAERSKOOL BRACKENFELL(t) 021 981 2141 (e) [email protected]

WP Atletiek 2016 Die Laerskool Brackenfell kan met trots spog met hul provinsiale leerders vir 2016 tot dusver. Bevan Simons en Adriaan Boshoff het Saterdag, 27 Februarie aan die Wes-Kaap kampioenskappe in Oudtshoorn deelgeneem. Beide die atlete het 5de posisies verwerf, Adriaan in die 800m en Bevan in die hoogspring vir o/13 seuns.

WP Tennis 2016

Die Laerskool Brackenfell is trots om met 3 o/12 dogters te kan spog wat Vrydag, 4 Maart en Saterdag, 5 Maart die o/12 WP-tennisspanne sal verteenwoordig tydens hul toernooi in Springbok en die omliggende omgewings. Jani Ammon verteenwoordig die A-span, en Marnel Ammon en Tiffany Piennaar sal die B-spanne verteenwordig.

SA Trompoppies 2016 Lorinda Engelbrecht, ‘n Graad 6-leerder aan die Laerskool Brackenfell, is vereer met SA trompoppies 2016. Die leerder is ook verkies tot die leidster van die Brackenfell trompoppies vir 2016. Wel gedaan!

Inauguration of head prefectsOur four head prefects were announced at a very special assembly. Congratulations to Taine Phipson (head boy), Tiago Brazier (deputy head boy), Caitlin Bell (head girl) and Emma Johannessen (deputy head girl).

They each signed a pledge after which Mr Stokell (our principal) presented them with four symbols: our school flag to show that they serve the school and are tasked with upholding our core values, a candle to be a shining example to others, a light house to warn others of danger and a gavel to symbolise their duty to see justice done.

Thinking Day Thinking Day is the birthday of our Chief Guide and the founder of the Scout movement, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. On this day, all in the movement think about others in the movement all over the world.

Valentine’s DayAs one of our “core values” is compassion, the prefects offered a free delivery service on Valentine’s Day so that learners could show their friends that they care about them. Many of the learners sent letters and some even gave gifts to their friends to make them feel special.

Kenridge swimming captains

Music merit prizeLana Janson (Grade 7) has been awarded a Hennie Joubert Merit Prize. These prizes are awarded to candidates who have excelled in the practical or theoretical music examinations conducted by the Directorate Music of Unisa.

KENRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL(t) 021 976 3046 (e) [email protected]

Cooldrinks for firemenGrade 2CS collected cooldrinks and other non-perishables on Valentine’s Day to donate to the firemen who have been hard at work. We wanted to show that we care and appreciate all that they do.

CricketCongratulations to John Vermaak and Ross Alsworth-Elvey for their outstanding achievements in the U/13 A cricket match against Curro Primary, Durbanville. John scored an undefeated 117 runs off 109 balls and Ross took 7 wickets for 30 runs in eight overs.

Matthew Miller, Jana Botha, Johannes Botha and Lana Janson with the trophies for the swimming season.

EPS Guides, Scouts, Brownies and Cubs.

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LAERSKOOL EVERSDAL(t) 021 976 8134 (e) [email protected]

11LAERSKOOL ARISTEA(t) 021 988 7463(e) [email protected]

DURBANVILLE VOORBEREIDINGSKOOL(t) 021 975 1125 (e) [email protected]

TEARS2WATER ProjekHannah Joubert, ‘n Graad 2-leerder by Laerskool Eversdal, wou graag ‘n tasbare bydrae maak tot die nood van mens en dier in die droogtegeteisterde Noord-Kaap. Haar ma, Angela Joubert, het met Pick’nPay Tygervallei gereël om die water wat die leerders van Eversdal skool toe gebring het, te kom oplaai en as deel van hulle projek, TEARS2WATER na die Noord-Kaap te vervoer. Op die foto help lede van die Liefdadigheidskomitee om al die water wat die Evertjies aangedra het, op een plek te versamel.

Operation SmileOperation Smile provides free and safe surgery to repair cleft lips and/or cleft palates as well as other correctable facial deformities for children around the globe. During 2015 Operation Smile partnered with Fair Cape Dairies in order to encourage people to collect plastic bottle caps for recycling. The profit goes towards Operation Smile.

During 2015 Eversdal Primary School collected more than 215 717 bottle tops. On the photo Mrs Sonja Greyling, the co-ordinator at the school, is on the left. With her is Mrs Adva Prins who visited the school to explain to the children why they are collecting the bottle tops. With them is Marné van der Merwe, who inisiated Eversdal’s participation.

Sportdag pretDie Laerskool Eversdal gaan binnekort ‘n sportdag met, onder andere, ‘n Pretdraf aanbied. As deel van die dag se vermaak gaan daar ‘n Skattejag wees.

TweelingeDie Laerskool Eversdal spog vanjaar met vyf stelle tweelinge!

VOOR: Philbert en Laurine van Staden links en Elmar en Ewert Olivier regs. AGTER: Nicol en Marné Smit, Kayli en Christiaan Rosslee en Schalk en Heleen Pienaar.

Valentine’s DayAt Eversdal it is important to teach children values. On 12 February they celebrated Valentine’s Day to remind children of the importance of love. This photo was taken in Mrs. Chrizanne de Beer’s class.

AthleticsWe are extremely proud of the following athletes who have qualified to compete in the District East Zone event on the 13 February.•U/10 – Zuraan Lee & Xavier Saville – 80m & 100m•U/11 – Jayden Abrahams – 80m•U/12 – Kreaston Buys – 100 &150m•U/12 – Jean Kramer – Long jump•U/13 – Kiya Singh – Long jump•U/13 – Ronan February – High jump•U/13 – Marinka Meyer – 1200m

Best of luck! We commend you all.

FRONT: Jean Kramer, Juraan Lee, Xavier Saville and Jayden Abrahams. BACK: Kreaston Buys, Kiya Singh, Marinka Meyer, Ronan February.

BiddagOp wêreldbiddag vir vroue 3 Maart 2016 het al ons dogters in skoolsaal vergader. “n Spreker het hul toegespreek en daarna het almal saam gebid.

Olimpiade Baie geluk aan Juffrou Chanelle Smit se 1E2-klas wat die eerste week van ons Taalolimpiade-projek die meeste fondse ingesamel het!

Toekenning2015 WCED Language and Mathematics Systemic Tests 2015 WKOD Taal en Wiskunde Sistemiese ToetseThe Western Cape Education Department held an exclusive gala event on Thursday, 18th February . We were invited and won the award for academic excellence in Grade 3. Thank you to all the educators and learners for their hard work and making this reward a reality.

Graad 3-kampOns skool se Graad 3 Afrikaanse leerders het ‘n kamp meegemaak te Bergkroon op Donderdag 11 en Vrydag 12 Februarie. Ons is dankbaar dat almal veilig terug is. Dankie aan die kos-mammas wat die leerders so bederf het!

New wheelchairs for the elderly hese elderly individuals both received a brand new wheelchair which was made possible through the bread tags Durbanville Preparatory School collected! Thank you Durbies for making the life of a handicapped better – one bread tag at a time!

Mnr. Luhann Rademeyer en mnr. Jacobus de Waal besig om die Evers

se belangstelling te prikkel om aan die Skattejag deel te neem.

Page 12: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

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ICC T20 WORLD CUP 2016 No. Date Match Venue Time

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33 30/03/2016 Wednesday Semi-Final New Delhi 19:0034 31/03/2016 Thursday Semi-Final Mumbai 19:0035 03/04/2016 Friday Final Kolkata 19:00

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33 30/03/2016 Wednesday Semi-Final New Delhi 19:0034 31/03/2016 Thursday Semi-Final Mumbai 19:0035 03/04/2016 Friday Final Kolkata 19:00

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LAERSKOOL DE TYGER(t) 021 930 2829 (e) [email protected]

LAERSKOOL GENE LOUW(t) 021 976 8144 (e) [email protected]

Atletiek: Wes-Kaap kleureReuben Joubert het weggestap met ‘n 2de plek tydens die atletiekbyeenkoms in Oudtshoorn. Baie geluk Reuben met jou Wes-Kaap kleure vir spiesgooi. Alle sterkte met die SA-atletiekbyeenkoms. De Tyger hou styf duimvas en is baie trots op jou.

Atletiek: WP-kleureDe Tyger is baie trots op Reuben Joubert (Graad 6) en Lisa Smit (Graad 5). Hierdie twee leerders het albei WP-kleure in atletiek verwerf. Reuben vir o/12 spiesgooi en Lisa vir o/11 hoogspring. Hulle albei neem deel aan die Wes-Kaap byeenkoms in Oudtshoorn. Baie geluk ook aan ons ander vier atlete wat deelgeneem het aan die WP-byeenkoms.

Reuben Joubert en Lisa Smi. Reuben Joubert

LAERSKOOL DE KUILEN(t) 021 903 4160 (e) [email protected]

New teachersA new year. New beginnings for new teachers.

Mr Shaun Clark (Grade 5), Mrs Julie Le Roux ( HOD and Grade 6 teacher), Miss Luzaan Brandt (social worker ), Miss Elanka Walters (Grade 5 ) and Mrs Ianda Collins (Grade 3).

SpeletjiesdagVerlede Vrydag het ons hier by Laerskool De Kuilen omtrent lekker gebaljaar en letterlik geskoppelmaai. Alreeds vanaf die Dinsdag is al die “rides“ begin opsit op die skoolgronde. Die leerders was baie opgewonde. Vanaf 9:00 die oggend tot 24:30 was net ons skool se leerders toegelaat. Daarna was dit oop vir die publiek. Daar was verskeie lekker eetgoed beskikbaar. Van die ouers het lekker wors kom braai. Sjoe, die wolke het by tye donker saamgepak. Maar so tussen die reëndruppels deur kon ons voortgaan met die verrigtinge tot die aand 21:00. Baie dankie aan al die ouers en Kuilsrivier publiek wie ons skool ondersteun het. Ons waardeur dit baie, sê mnr. Fourie (skoolhoof).

The Grade 7 boys also looking very glamorous.

Best dressed teachers on Valentines DayMr Fourie (our principal) and Mrs Samantha van Jaarsveldt (Grade 1). Our Grade 7 girls all dressed up to “go to the ball”.

Valentines Day

Debating competitionNathan Just, head boy of Gene Louw Primary, won the Debating Competition held at La Rochelle Primary on 24 February. His prepared topic was on whether electronic devices should be allowed at school. He won that section and went through to the final round with five other participants. The final topic was on whether parents should be punished for the mistakes their children make. Once again, Nathan convinced the judges and walked away with the first prize.

Nathan Just (centre) with his first prize certificate.

Weskaap-atlete Laerskool Gene Louw is trots op sy Weskaap-atlete wat uitsonderlik presteer het op die Weskaap-atletiekbyeenkoms op 27 Februarie 2016. Al drie hierdie atlete neem ook vanaf 10 tot 12 Maart deel aan die SA-atletiekbyeenkoms in Port Elizabeth.

Johno Sterley (2 goue medaljes), Stefani du Plessis (1 goud en 1 brons medalje) en Stéfan du Preez (1 goue medalje).

Grade 5 campThe Grade 5 group from Gene Louw Primary recently visited the SOS camp site at Villiersdorp for three days of fun. The children enjoyed every moment and even had a cook-out where they had to prepare their own food.

Tristan Fouché, Amy Smit, Ethan Kotze, Nicole Botes and Margo Veldschoen.

Laerskool Gene Louw het met die Wêreld-Boekedag boeke ingesamel en aan die Houverby Nasorgsentrum in Redelinghuys geskenk. Die boeke gaan ‘n groot verskil maak aan die lewe van hierdie kinders, aangesien daar geen formele skool in die area is nie en alle onderrig geskied deur vrywillige persone wat tans daar werk.


Mev. Amanda Heath (onderwyseres), mev. Liezl Jane van Rensburg (leerondersteuning), me. Jane Louw (eienares, Houverby Nasorgsentrum) en mnr. AC van der Westhuizen (hoof).

Page 15: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

Durbies presteer by Noord-Sone AtletiekHoërskool Durbanville se atlete het puik presteer by die Noord-Sone Atletiekbyeenkoms wat op Vrydag 26 en Saterdag 27 Februarie by die Groenpunt Stadion plaasgevind het. Durbanville spog vanjaar met 34 atlete in die Noord-Sone span.

15LAERSKOOL BELLPARK(t) 021 919 0002 (e) [email protected]

Waterpret vir Graad R!Bellpark se Graad R-leerders geniet elke jaar ‘n dag van waterpret en speletjies. Dit is een van die hoogtepunte op die Graad R-kalender. Graad 7-leiers kry ook die geleentheid om hul leierskapvaardighede in te span deur die toekomstige Bellparkers te help.

Medalje-oes vir BellparkBellpark se swemspan het die skool trots gemaak deur met ‘n vrag medaljes huis toe te kom nadat hulle aan ‘n gala te Somerset-Wes deelgeneem het. Dit help seker dat die skool met ‘n eie swembad spog en ons swemmers gereeld kan oefen.

‘n Karnaval om te onthouBellpark se karnaval is ‘n hoogtepunt op Bellpark se kalender. Die karnaval het op Vrydag, 4 Maart plaasgevind. Bellpark se karnaval is so suksesvol, dat buurskole al kom aanklop het om raad te vra. Baie dankie aan elke ouer en lede van die gemeenskap wat gehelp het om van hierdie dag ‘n sukses te maak.

HOËRSKOOL DURBANVILLE(t) 021 976 3188 (e) [email protected]

Durbies wen Interskole AtletiekHoërskool Durbanville het Vrydag 12 Februarie die Interskole Atletiek op Coetzenburg, in Stellenbosch gewen. Die byeenkoms word juis by Coetzenburg aangebied om die sang en pawiljoene deel te maak van die byeenkoms.Hoërskool Durbanville, “die klein skool met die groot hart”, het dit vanjaar, twee in ‘n ry gemaak en die geesbeker ook ingepalm.

Dis ongelooflik om te sien die opgang wat die skool die afgelope twee jaar met sy atletiek beleef het. Verskeie top afrigters, in veral naellope, hekkies en velditems soos hoogspring, verspring, diskus, gewigstoot en spiesgooi is aangestel. Die dirigente en leerders, op die pawiljoen, het hul longe uit gesing en is beloon met die geesbeker.

Die atlete het puik prestasies opgelewer en het die volgende trofees ingepalm: Beste dogtersatleet o/14, o/15 en o.17, Beste seunsatleet o/14 en o/15, Beste baanitem, Beste dogterspan, Beste seunspan, Geesbeker en Atletiekbeker.

TweekampHoërskool Durbanville se atlete het die afgelope seisoen puik presteer en aan die einde van die seisoen, bo aan die punteleer van die WP Tweekamp liga geeindig. Baie geluk ook aan die Durbies wat in die WP-span opgeneem is, wat aan die SA Kampioenskappe, in Bloemfontein, gaan deelneem.

Mjé Boshoff, Ineke Wegman (reserwe), Saskia Swart, Jansie Slabbert, Lalande Esterhuysen, Safré Kotze (reserwe), Marietjie Slabbert. Afwesig: Nellie Slabbert.

MusiekprestasiesTwee van Hoërskool

Durbanville se musiekleerders het uitstekend presteer gedurende die 2015

UNISA musiekeksamens en ontvang die

Hennie Joubert-merietetoekennings.

Slegs die top 2 kandidate per graad word in aanmerking geneem vir

hierdie toekennings. Die leerders is Mikaila

Karsten (Graad 11), wat 98% verwerf het in Musiekteorie Graad 5 (R800) en Matthys

Carstens (Graad 11) wat 95% in Klarinet Graad 7

behaal het (R1 960).

William de Bruin en Jayden Jacobus (Seuns o/14 100m – William 1ste en Jayden 2de).

Durbies haal WP TennisspanZebeth Strydom (o/19) en Hentie van der (o/17) is opgeneem in die verskeie WP Tennisspanne.

Alexis Hickson & Chene Bosch (Dogters o/17 100m – Alexis 1ste en Chene 2de)

Durbie haal SA SkermspanDandre de Jongh is gekies vir die SA Skerm span wat tydens April, in Frankyk, aan die Junior Wêreldkampioenskappe gaan deelneem.

Runé du Plessis op pad na goud in die dogters o/15 90m hekkies.

Michael Paulse (silwer) en Andre Bester (goud) in

die seuns o/15 gewigstoot.

Page 16: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School


FAIRMONT HIGH SCHOOL(t) 021 976 1147 (e) [email protected]

HOËRSKOOL STELLENBERG(t) 021 919 1029 (e) [email protected]

Die 22ste MTBS-atletiekbyeenkoms is gehou op Vrydag, 12 Februarie, by die Parow-atletiekbaan. Die Hoërskool DF Malan, Tygerberg, Bellville en Stellenberg het mekaar die stryd aangesê.

Die atlete was goed voorberei en gefokus. Stellenberg het die atletiektrofee vir die vierde agtereenvolgende jaar gewen, met 1 300 punte.

Eugene Kleinhans (Stellenberg) het die beste prestasie in drie items gelewer (Victor Ludorum). Hy het 2 450 ASA-punte behaal. Angelo Davids (Stellenberg) het die beste seunsprestasie gelewer. Hy het 880 ASA-punte in die 0/17 100m behaal.

Stellenberg het die meeste punte in die Junior en Senior-kategorieë behaal, asook die hoogste

punt in die onderskeie ouderdomsgroepe. Hoërskool Stellenberg het die Aflostrofeë ook gewen.

Alhoewel daar nie georganiseerde sang was nie, het al vier skole hulle atlete met hope gees en entoesiasme aangemoedig en ondersteun.

Angelo Davids het die beste seunsprestasie gelewer.

Broers en sister is aldrie top-atlete van Stellenberg. Anja, Jaco en Hugo Wolstenholme.

Eugene Kleinhans is aangewys as die Victor Ludorum (beste prestasie in drie items).

Trotse Stellies, trotse wenners van die MTBS-atletiektrofeë.

Fairmont hosted the first annual swimming gala on Tuesday, 23 February, in celebration of the newly built aquatic centre.

The gala was a very big success with a large number of spectators who came to support their house teams. Even the teachers got involved by entering in their

own relay race. It was a spectacular school opening to the aquatic centre and the first of many more such enjoyable evenings to follow.

Interhouse Swimming Gala

Stellenberg wen MTBS-atletiekbyeenkoms

Stellenberg-atlete met die atlete-optog. Twee dirigente, Kaylen du Toit en Fouché van Rooyen, sweep die Stellies behoorlik op.

Link your brand to a schoolEmail - [email protected] or phone - 021 872 3880

Page 17: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School

HTS BELLVILLE(t) 021 948 6951/2/3 (e) [email protected]

17HOËRSKOOL BRACKENFELL(t) 021 981 5522 (e) [email protected]

THE SETTLERS HIGH SCHOOL(t) 021 948 6116 (e) [email protected]

Brakkie-atlete presteer weer skitterend52 Brakkies is opgeneem in die 2016 Noordsone Atletiekspan. Baie van die atlete kwalifiseer vir twee of selfs drie items. Hulle neem op gereelde grondslag deel aan verskillende atletiekbyeenkomste en het reeds vanjaar die Villiersdorp-byeenkoms gewen; die dogters het die HTS Drostdy-byeenkoms gewen en die seuns was tweede en die Brakkie-span het die vierhoekige Ko-Ed gewen. Die atlete oefen nou intensief vir die WP Skolekampioenskappe.

VOOR: Mzimasi Tshofela; Marcquewn Tintus; Waylin Booysen; Caleb de Carvalho; Matthew Kruger en Hanno Jordan. 2de RY: Möhrike Muller; Kylin Mouton; Anja Mouton; Nadine Liebenberg; Rozanne Liebenberg; Hanro Crous; Michelle Steyn; Kelly Cameron en Jamiel Solomons.3de RY: Ateekah du Toit; Elitha Sylvester; Renhart Heyns; Caleigh Bredenkamp; Eliska van Niekerk; Lindré Kleinhans; Alicha Arries; Abigail Geldenhuys; Gaby Damas; Ash-Lynne Speelman; Nicole du Toit; Jade-Lee Andreas; Dillan Jonker en Mnr. Louis Stockigt (Hoof: Atletiek).4de RY: Johanette Duminy; Inge-Lynne Jordan; Me. Caroline Erasmus (Atletiekorganiseerder); Mareliza Rabe; Mariëtte van Dyk; Inge Liebenberg; Dominique Fuchs; Anja le Roux; Jayson Weber; Bianca Bester en Jason Jansen.5de RY: Brandon Abrahams; Waden BonzeAGTER: André Engelbrecht; Jean-Louis de Lange; Ruan Combrink; Liam Pietersen; JP Vorster en Rickus Neethling.

Easter Rugby Festival in Toulon HTS Bellville has been invited to take part in an Easter Rugby Festival in Toulon, France. They boys fly out on the 24th of March and they return to Cape Town International Airport on the 1st of April.

During their 8-day stay in France, the kids will be staying with the families of the players whom they will be playing against. They will be housed by those families in Toulon for 5 days and the last 3 days will be spent by families from a school in Monaco.

The boys will be playing 6 games on tour, with three of those games only being 30 minutes long, as all three will be played on the same day. The boys will be allowed to spend a day in Nice to do shopping and sight seeing, while also being taking on a boat cruise on the coast of Toulon. On the final day they will also be taking to a border town in Italy, to experience some real good Italian Pizza!

I would like to thank all parents and sponsors involved for making the tour a success. The boys are really keen on not only representing their school, but their country as well.

Mr Therlow Pietersen is the co-ordinator of the tour.

BTHS host rugby team from ChileBellville THS hosted St.Georges College from Chile for the second time in three years on 22 February. It was a super experience for both the Chilean boys as well as the HTSB rugby boys. Both the u.16 and u.17 matches ended in drawn results.

Mandy Adams shoots her way to the topHTS Grade 12 learner Mandy Adams recently represented SA at the Pannonia trophy 2016, a shooting competition in Austria. We are extremely proud of her achievements.

SA Woman’s Hockey TeamThe SA Women’s Hockey team was hosted for lunch and a training session on 3 March. The ladies first had a “meet and greet” session with the learners where they signed autographs and posed for photos with some of the school’s hockey fans. This session was then followed by an hour long training session on our astro turf. The team will be playing against India, Scotland and Germany in a Summer Series.

The ‘man of the match’ players

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o.14A-KrieketspanRyno Kriel teken 185 nun aan teen Westerford vir die o.14A-krieketspan.

Dee-Effers presteer in WiskundeDieGraad 9-klas van 2015 het weer bewys gelewer dat akademie wel ons besigheid is. Tydens ‘n onlangse plegtigheid is Hoërskool DF Malan deur onderwysminister Debbie Schäfer as een van die Wes-Kaap se drie topskole in Wiskunde aangewys.

Hierdie toekenning is gemaak op grond van die uitslae van die sistemiese toetse van 2015. Welgedaan, graad 10’s!

Op die foto verskyn ‘n paar van die wiskunde-onderwyseresse.


HOËRSKOOL DF MALAN(t) 021 948 8781/2/3 (e) [email protected]

HOËRSKOOL BELLVILLE(t) 021 948 1801 (e) [email protected]

HOËRSKOOL DE KUILEN(t) 021 903 5121 (e) [email protected]

Inligtingsaand 2016Voornemende Dee-Effers het op Donderdag 18 Februarie ‘n voorsmakie gekry van die heerlike aktiwiteite en DF-gees wat in 2017 op hulle wag. Ons hoop om al die Graad 7’s wat die ope-aand bygewoon het volgende jaar by DF te verwelkom!

Inligtingsaand 2016Voornemende Dee-Effers het op Donderdag 18 Februarie ‘n voorsmakie gekry van die heerlike aktiwiteite en DF-gees wat in 2017 op hulle wag. Ons hoop om al die graad 7’s wat die ope-aand bygewoon het volgende jaar by DF te verwelkom!Op die foto verskyn Marcello Pienaar wat die hoogspring vir seuns o.17 gewen het.

2015 Akademiese Pryswenners

Graag 8: Francois du Toit – 2de,Amore Olivier – 3de, Marné Badenhorst – 1ste, Chizelle du Toit – 3 de.

Graad 9: Nelius Liebl – 3de, Chanté Fourie – 1ste, Adriaan Lourens – 2de.

Graad 10: Michael Mariono – 3de, Janke van Dyk – 1ste, Eugene Fouché – 2de.

Graad 11: Shirley van der Merwe – 1ste, Tiffany Jibson – 3de, Ilani Grobler – 2de.

Shoprite opstelkompetisie

Kuilie toer na NZAnika MacArthur gaan haar skool en land verteenwoordig. Geniet elke oomblik. Baie trots op jou. Bly altyd die mooi sportvrou wat jy is.

FEDSAS Leadership SummitDe Kuilen High attended the FEDSAS Leadership Summit at the Civic Centre, Cape Town.

WP High Schools Athletics TeamEleven of De Kuilen’s athletes were selected for the WP High Schools Athletics team after last weekend’s WP Championships. Hierdie atlete neem eerskomende naweek deel aan die Wes-Kaap Kampioenskappe by die Groenpunt Stadion.

Baie geluk aan Jami Vermeulen, Davian Jeftha, Joshua Ruiters, Annique Hartnick, Waldo Verburg, Edward Regue, Tamika Lai-Wing, Carla Viljoen, Marnickus van der Merwe, Monika Hülsmann en Corné Thiart. Marnickus, Monika en Corné is ook gekies vir die WP A-span wat aan die SA Junior Kampioenskappe in Germiston gaan deelneem.

Carla Viljoen, Mr Leon Spies, Tamika Lai-Wing and Monika Hülsmann

Corné Thiart, Mr Leon Spies and Waldo Verburg.

Christian van Wyk het Shoprite se opstel-kompetisie gewen. Die prysgeld was R5000.

Juli van Rooyen, Marlien Nel, Mette Warnich, Toeks Rudman en Jo-Mi Müller.

Page 19: Northern Suburbs (March 2016) Primary/High School



Drostdy is 'n belewenis!!!


Drostdy is 'n belewenis!!!

Hot deskingThe concept of the dedicated desk has disappeared, replaced by a hive of hot desking. This workspace seating trend encourages movement and diminishes desktop clutter, as well as bringing bosses and team managers out of glass-windowed offices and into the general working area, amongst their teams.

Hot desking has also grown out of the need to avoid a completely sedentary work day – ‘sitting is the new smoking’ is a phrase that’s growing popularity. It’s also based on the belief that a large portion of desk space remains unused during the day as employees come and go, so having half the number of desks as employees is an economical move.

Community tablesTeamwork and integration continue to dominate office spaces. Cubicle segregation is now officially considered ‘retro’ and communal tables (often oval-shaped or round) are favourable places to set up shop. This kind of community-minded workspace needs easily movable tech, which highlights the importance of cloud-based services and wireless hardware.

Wire hidingTangles of wires aren’t just an eyesore, they’re a potential safety hazard and they inhibit the user’s ability to move as and when they need. In 2016, businesses will focus on minimising spider webs of

wires around the office, both with nifty wire-hiding devices and through the introduction of wireless tech – most importantly phones, printers and scanners. Setting up Managed Print Services (MPS) allows any organisation to begin the process of reducing the number of cords in the office and establishing a wireless workspace.

Living loungesWith the rise of the mobile workspace comes the need for secluded spots employees can use to escape the bustle of the open office. Pods, nooks and breakaway rooms have become key – preferably decked out with comfortable couches and reclining work chairs. Armed with a laptop or tablet, employees can work in seclusion and hopefully, boost productivity. This is especially important for creative workspaces.

To embrace office dynamism and have employees constantly on the move, businesses need to centralise their information management, so employees can access anything they need, from anywhere in the office – hammock, armchair or stability ball – at any time of day.

Office spaces are generally becoming spaces of alliance, not separation – integrated and collaborative thinking is of utmost importance. This is mirrored in the movement towards more co-operative and seamless processes, giving employees the freedom to access the information they need at the touch of a button. It’s all about dynamic flow – and some seriously cool-looking offices as a result.

A happy employee usually produces better work, and to make employees happy, businesses are trying to create a fun and more efficient workspaces. For office managers trying to accommodate the needs and preferences of millennials, keeping up with trends can be a daunting task. Open plan is in, then it’s out. Dedicated workspaces make way for flexi-workspaces just in time for the

pendulum to swing the other way. And so employees and employers hustle and jostle to embrace the modern office, knowing the only constant is that it’s always changing. But there are some key trends that are here to stay in future-focused offices.

Article by leading business solutions provider, Nashua.

What does the office of 2016 look like?

The National Budget and you•Personal income tax relief of R5.65 billion.•Capital gains tax inclusion rate for

individuals, special trusts and insurers’ individual policyholder funds increases from 33.3% to 40%, and for other taxpayers from 66.6% to 80%.

•Annual exclusion of R40 000 (previously R30 000) capital gains or capital loss is granted to individuals and special trusts.

•Assets transferred through a loan to a trust are to be included in the estate of the founder at death and interest-free loans to trusts are to be treated as donations.

•General fuel levy increases by 30 cents per litre on 6 April 2016.

•Excise duties on alcoholic beverages increase by between 6.7% and 8.5%.

•From 1 April 2016 the plastic bag levy is to increase from 6 cents to 8 cents per bag and the incandescent globe tax will increase from R4 to R6 per globe.

•A tyre levy at R2.30 per kilogram is to be introduced on 1 October 2016 and a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages on 1 April 2017.

•VAT remains at 14%.


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Tony StoopsAbout the Tony Stoops Rugby Festival

The annual Tony Stoops Rugby Festival is celebrating its ninth year by bringing together 36 teams from across the country to enjoy a fun-filled event over three days at Tygerberg High School.It seems incredible that this is just the ninth year of the festival, because it has become an ingrained part of schools rugby in the Western Province.It is a big Festival and probably the most accommodating in South Africa. It takes schools in whether they are late in applying or not, whether they will be playing on all three days or not. It seeks to give boys a chance to play rugby, rather than parade prestige.This is exactly what the eight TSRFs to date have been all about: enjoying the games on the field, enjoying the fellowship engendered, enjoy making new friends and, in an ever-increasing number of cases, enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the Cape Peninsula.The 2016 Festival will run from 19 to 23 March, with matches on Saturday 19 March, Monday 21 March and Wednesday 23 March. The Festival takes place at Tygerberg High School.There is a Referees’ award, Man-of-the-Match medals per game, Best-of-Fest XV medals and cups for Best Forward and Back for Day 1 and 2, Best Forward of Fest, Best Back of Fest and Best Player of the Fest.







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gET R25 Off ANY LARgE PIzzA fROm mON-WEDT’s & C’s apply



Rugby FestivalTSRF 2016 prepares for northern invasion

While it is not unusual for there to be quite a few new faces every year at the Tony Stoops Rugby Festival, the 2016 version, the ninth in the series, which takes place at HS Tygerberg in Parow between Saturday 19 and Wednesday 23 March, will doubtless be greatly enhanced by the presence of no fewer than four new entrants from the northern part of the country.And if Pietersburg, Jeugland, Piet Retief and Ligbron Academy don’t get the occasional pulse racing, two teams from Shawnigan Lake in Canada will be contributing a most welcome international flavour to proceedings.These 36 XVs from around the country will be testing their mettle against one another in a showcase of young talent:• Boland: Hugenote, Swartland, Hopefield, Emil Weder,

Porterville, Paulus Joubert, Groendal, Worcester Gym, Lutzville, Klein Nederburg, Schoonspruit, Vredenburg, Montana, Weston, Robertson, Vredenburg

• Blue Bulls: Sutherland• Eastern Province: Victoria Park, Alexander Road, Humansdorp

Secondary, Otto du Plessis, Aliwal North, Nico Malan, Cillié• Limpopo Blue Bulls: Pietersburg• Pumas: Ligbron, Piet Retief• South-Western Districts: York, Oudtshoorn, Langenhoven High• Valke: Jeugland• Western Province: Tygerberg, HTS Bellville, Jan Kriel, De Kuilen,

Parow• Canada: Shawnigan Lake

Head Office: 021 914 8290Paarl: 021 872 7960

• Tax exemptions for foreign investment• Tax returns, financial statements and audits• Investment Structures for estate planning• Management of Trusts and drafting of Wills• Administration of deceased estates• Business Rescue

Our services consists of the following:

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“Vanaf 4 tot 13 Maart 2016 sal daar indringend gepraat, geredeneer, geskryf, gesing, gerap, gesels en gelag word. Op verhoë sal komplekse

vraagstukke getakel word – ’n kunstefees is immers ’n uitstekende platform vir diskoers en debat. Ons strewe bly om ’n fees van

uitnemendheid te bly, en feesgangers en die groter Stellenbosse gemeenskap nie onaangeraak te laat nie. Ons wil ’n verrykende en

verruimende ervaring vir almal bied en vir kunstenaars geleentheid gee om te eksperimenteer en te waag. Ons wil gesprek en debat stimuleer,

stories vertel en daarna luister, ’n liefde vir lees bevorder en ook ’n lekker partytjie wees.”

Saartjie Botha, Direkteur: US Woordfees

Woordfees 2016: BLY

Visuele kunsteGaan op toer saam met die US Woordfees se visuele kunskurator, Alex Hamilton, en besoek die groot verskeidenheid uitstallings tydens die 2016-fees. Verskeie kunstenaars sal op verskillende dae aansluit by die toer en dan ’n “installopie” aanbied wat ’n interessante blik bied op die manier hoe kunstenaars hul werk aanpak.

Feeskunstenaar Mary Sibande, wat in 1982 in Barberton gebore is, is bekend vir haar beeldhouwerke in gemengde media, asook haar fotografiese drukwerk wat fokus op dieuitbeelding van Sophie, ’n fiktiewe karakter wat dien asalter ego vir die kunstenaar se moeder en grootmoeder.Albei was hulle lewe lank werksaam as huishulpe.

SilwerskermFliekvlooie het ‘n groot verskeidenheid om van te kies, insluitende gratis kortfilms by Pulp Cinema by die Neelsie. Die films sluit verskeie buitelandse films met onderskrifte in, asook die Open Window-filmreeks, met vraag-en-antwoordsessies. Afrikaanse films is besonder goed verteenwoordig, met ou bekendes en verrassende nuwe filmmakers en akteurs.

KIassieke musiekOu gunstelinge soos Beste Blondes (Elna van der Merwe en Zorada Temmingh) en die kaalvoet-marimbaspeler, Magda de Vries, beloof om gehore te bekoor. Die US Universiteitskoor en die Libertaskoor tree ook op.

Musiekkonserte in die buitelugVan Karen Zoid tot ‘n reünie van die Gereformeerde Blues Band – gewis ‘n fees op hande! Amanda Strydom vier 60 jaar met ‘n grootse geleentheid, en Chris Chameleon pak

verskeie heilige koeie aan.

Van Stellenbosch-musiekikoon Randall Wicomb se biografie tot geliefde kunstenaar Louis

Janse van Vuuren se fabelagtige tentoonstelling van sy chateau in

Frankryk, van Koekedoor se BAK tot by bekende fotograaf Lien Botha se

eerste roman, het die Woordfees iets vir al die boekwurms in alle

geure en voorkeure. Daar is natuurlik ook geen tekort aan die skrywers wat hierdie woordkuns skep nie.

Kom luister na gesprekke en gesels met van jou gunstelinge. Kom na kosdemonstrasies en luister na

die oeroue kuns van stories vertel, en teken mandalas en swig voor

beswymelende poësie.

Teater vir jonk en oudAl die ou bekendes, soos Dawid Minnaar, Marion Holm en Sandra Prinsloo kan weer geniet word, maar maak ook seker om by nuwe talente uit te kom. Kinderteater-hoogtepunt is Liewe Heksie: Flower Power – ’n amperse pantomime, wat groot pret vir die hele gesin inhou.

Woorde, woorde en nog meer woordeBoeke oor lewens, boeke oor huise en tuistes, oor kuns, oor heerlik eet

en kook en bak, oor verlange en wonder en seer ... die sewentiende Woordfees bring boeke en boeke vol verruklike woorde en ervarings om

die gedrukte woord by die fees te vier en te geniet.


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in aksie!Miki Maths Magic klasse:• Gebaseer op skoolkurrikulum (CAPS)• Interaktief • Klein groepiesMiki Maths Magic ontwikkel:• Begrip deur die gebruik van modelle• Selfvertroue om probleme op te los• Effektiewe maniere om getalbewerkings te doen

Amari Meyer - 071 424 9319 DURBANVILLE - [email protected]

• Private Tuition & Extra Classes• Grade : 1 – 12 / All Subjects

• Maths, Physics, Maths Lit, Accounting, English, Afrikaans etc…• Individual Attention

C a l l : 0 2 1 9 4 5 3 2 4 1 / 0 7 4 5 2 1 3 1 7 7E m a i l : i n f o @ t u i t i o n a n d l e a r n i n g . c o . z aU n i t 2 2 , N o b e l P a r k C e n t r e , B e l l v i l l e



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Eating, behaviour & elimination closely monitored. Bedding provided, owners welcom to bring own. Sooting music played in cattery and kennel.

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We specialize in all Plumbing Repairs, Maintenance, New Developments, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations, Hot

Water Cylinder, Heat Pump and Solar Installations.The issue of CoC Plumbing Certificate’s.

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AWSUM News brings its readers all the latest school news in your area, giving learners and parents for the first time the opportunity to see what is happening in neighbouring schools throughout the year, with 12 editions in each region.

Our unique way of work has the shools themselves as our journalists � it is this commitment from schools to send us their monthly school news that gives the reader

news they cannot find anywhere else.AWSUM News provides our readers

with a newspaper that features unmatched print quality and vivid colour on every page. The publication has a rich, magazine-style layout and look and feel.

Each edition features interesting articles on lifestyle, health and fitness, travel, finance, education, entertainment and events.

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AWSUM News is delivered directly into each household through the schools � we therefore

get you exposure to the right target market.


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021 982 0310 * 082 792 9861 * [email protected]


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