ap world history. periodization ce early middle ages: 500 – 1000 high middle ages: 1000 – 1250...

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  • Periodization CEEarly Middle Ages: 500 1000

    High Middle Ages: 1000 1250

    Late Middle Ages: 1250 - 1500

  • Europe in the 6th Century

  • The Medieval Catholic Churchmonasticism: monks & nuns living together in communitypoverty, chastity, and obedience. provided schools monasteries = inns, hospitals, refuge libraries & scriptoria to copy books and illuminate manuscripts. monks missionaries

  • Illuminated Manuscripts

  • A Medieval Monks Day

  • A Medieval Monastery: The Scriptorium

  • The Power of the Medieval Church bishops and abbots = large part of feudal system. church controlled 1/3 of the land in Western Europe. tithe 1/10 tax given to the church.

  • Romanesque Architectural Style Rounded Arches. Barrel vaults. Thick walls. Dark interiors. Small windows, usually at the top of the wall.

  • Charlemagne: 742 to 814

  • Charlemagnes Empire

  • Pope Crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor: Dec. 25, 800

  • The Carolingian Renaissance

  • Charlemagnes Empire Collapses: Treaty of Verdun, 843

  • FeudalismA political and social system based on loyalty, land, and military service.

  • Carcassonne: A Medieval CastleFRANCE

  • Chivalry: A Code of Honor and Behavior

  • The Medieval Manor

  • Life on the Medieval ManorSerfs at work

  • William the Conqueror: Battle of Hastings, 1066 (Bayeaux Tapestry)

  • High Middle Agesafter 1200

  • Magna Carta, 1215: ENGLAND Great Charter kings had to consult a council of advisors to tax Rights of NOBILTY

  • Conflict Between Church and RulersConflict:Who would have primary power in Europe? Popes or Kings?

    Investiture Conflict:Who would appoint important church officials? Popes or Kings?

    Slowlyover time, Kings won out.

  • Gothic Architectural Style Pointed arches. High, narrow vaults. Thinner walls. Flying buttresses.Stained-glass windows.Flying Buttresses

  • Pope Urban II: Preaching a Crusade

  • Setting Out on Crusade

  • Christian Crusades: East and West

  • Medieval Universities

  • Oxford University

  • Medieval GuildsGuild HallAssociations of CraftsmenMonopolies Controlled membership apprentice journeyman master craftsman Controlled quality of the product & prices

  • Late Medieval Town Dwellings

  • Medieval Guilds: A Goldsmiths Shop

  • Medieval Trade

    **********First to have this title emperor in over 300 years. The focus shifted away from Mediterranean and up into Northern Europe***Carolingian (from Latin, Charles) protectors of the Frankish Kings (kings under Charlegmaine)military effectiveness of resisting Muslim advances.

    Rebirth of old Roman traditions/values. Including writing. **System was not that simple: Relations between all of these people differed too much form on e place to another and form on time to another to fit together in anything resembling a system. ***The lord of the manor provided governance and justice, direct royal government being quite limited. The king had only few financial resources and seldom exercised legal jurisdiction at a local level.

    Monasteries and nunneries fell under jurisdiction of the church. Women could own land noble women administered husbands estates when we was away at war. **Came from what is today Franceattacked England and became King. Build motes, towers, TOWER OF ENGLAND to protect his reign. ****Against hereseyWanted trade routesNobels (especially younger sons who didnt inherit land) were hungry for land wanted to increase their stauusChurch wanted to demonstrate its political authority over western christiandom.

    **1st crusade captured Jerusalem 1099Muslims got it back in 1187



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